Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

The whole damned omnibus was cheering.



That was Shodan?

We also seem to have lost Czarcasm’s pit thread. I’ll have to trudge through my emails to read the rest.


I would not be surprised. Dude needs to move on, but is constitutionally unable to.

Quite sad, actually.

Looks like noted shitty-yet-ridiculously-expensive clothes aficionado HughGoply has decided the clothes trolling was too subtle

If it wasn’t overt trolling, it was pretty dumb.

Although getting rid of Columbus Day would be fine with me.

I love how eliminating “gross holidays” is a ‘call for justice’.
I’m quite sure racist America would gladly accept the loss of a couple of holidays, that they’ll celebrate anyway, in exchange for being able to tell Black Americans ‘We did something, now shut the fuck up about slavery and racism’.

He’s trolling. He started a thread about Amazon selling cocaine vials, apparently for the sole purpose of drawing this conclusion:

This one is obvious but are they new?

Keeping busy sno bo?

Yeah, only here for 17 years. Freakin’ noob!

That thread wasn’t trolling. I don’t know what it was – misplaced recreational outrage?

Actually been here longer but i turned in my socks to Jenny and she reincarnated my account.

And frankly it’s Gwen who comes off RO’d.

Yeah sure.

I couldn’t figure out what the point of the OP was supposed to be. That and the later posts, when taken as a whole, seem to be all over the place, just being argumentative for the sake of it.

I cannot imagine someone on this message board being argumentative just for the sake of it!

Anyway, whatever it was, it wasn’t trolling, IMO. That’s my only point here.

No, it’s really you. You’re desperately trying and failing to make a mountain out of an anthill.

And then there was this steaming pile you crapped out:

And by “intentionally making up shit” you apparently meant “virtually quoting your own thread title”.

I mean, what the hell, man? Did Gwen Berry piss in your Post Toasties or something? Because you’re really working the RO here on a phenomenally trivial incident.

I recognize that poster. chela is not new, but this is not an atypical post from them. They’re one of those posters who complains about “PC gone amok” in poorly thought out situations, seeming to get them from reading right-wing outrage-bait articles. It’s hard to tell if they really believe that shit and are too stubborn to back down, or are just tweaking people. In my head, I consider them Poe’s trolls.

And, yes, they often come across like they’re spoiling for a fight, which is why I’m surprised they aren’t well-known to this thread. They’re clearly trolling it now.

Oh B S, the athlete was pissing up a rope about the anthem playing while she was on the podium. That’s it, she wasn’t making a show of solidarity, she was acting out a grievance against the organizers.

By “fidgeting and fussing”.