Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

Previous trolling thread over the 10k post limit, and I didn’t see another (yet).

I respectfully submit this shitshow of a post…

…with pool in fine figure.

Damn you look like a white, shell-less turtle.

Awww, I lost a friend :broken_heart:

What did Grindr go offline tonight?

So your adding homophobery to your list of assholeries? Got it.

There’s a pool in the turd.

We really need a like button.

Indicating that a poster should have been killed at birth is a violation of the board’s rule against wishing harm on other posters. Please avoid this sort of language in the future.

No warning issued.

Does this Obama joker sound like the recently banned guy who talked liberals and abortion and then in another garbage post, explained how mustangs are the opposite of liberals in some weird world resource depletion scheme?

I’m waiting for him to answer any of my questions, including explaining this gem…

“Minority persons are at high risk of COVID. Since the modern hiphop culture has a lot of these people it is not surprising they have so many cases.”

Reading that thread makes me feel like I’m having a stroke. By the end of it, I no longer had any idea what the thread was even about…

I don’t think Obama has any idea either. He can’t seem to tell me if he is FOR or AGAINST depopulation.

That guy almost certainly has to be a sock of the banned one with the same [last] name from the old board, doesn’t he? MO seems exactly the same-on the surface expressing a liberal viewpoint, but dig just a tiny bit deeper and every thought seems off.

What a bizarre thread. I don’t really get a “troll” vibe from it so much as “genuinely nutty person explaining his sincerely held beliefs without any idea they make no sense to anyone else,” though.

Yep. “Obama” is a 3 cylinder engine convinced he’s a high output V8.

He thinks we’re all trolling him.

Nervy little outfit.

I’m not even sure if there is a debate there, but it sure isn’t great. Thread needs… Moved or something. Mad props to @slash2k for following the links there at the end.

Right? Slash deserves an award and that thread is making me dizzy.

The tricky thing with that thread is that there really are some interesting topics being discussed.

Yeah, I don’t think that guy’s a troll - that all reads like “earnest but crazy person” stuff.

I’m more shocked to hear about this “pro incest” position we have. I didn’t even know you could do that sort of thing professionally.

It’s better if you don’t think about it too hard.