Pitting Jim_B

Now normally you’re just an annoying fucking waste of skin dropping contactless turds into otherwise interesting threads or dumbass OPs that float to the bottom of the page.

Your Elton John OP is another thing entirely. What exactly the fuck caused that lizard brain of yours to shit out that post? Are you a homophobic piece of shit or too god damned stupid to realize how offensive that was?

I would agree, that thread is one of the most shockingly stupid ones I have ever seen posted by a long term poster.

I don’t bother to follow or try to remember most posters unless they are exceptionally clever or idiotic but every time I click on a new thread and see that the o.p. is blanked out because it was started by @Jim_B I feel like I got “Rickrolled” by the Joker.


Man, you should review that poster’s history. I doubt this one is even in the top ten.

Hey, OP, needs more giant smileys.

Completely apropos of nothing: am I the only one who’s looking forward to the right wing just dropping the dog whistles and just openly and proudly saying what they mean? I’m not sure if it’s because of how pathetically transparent the fig leaves are or if because I’m just tired of my intelligence being insulted. Or maybe it’s because if that happens, people will have realized that yes, they are racist. I’ll have a micron more respect for them if and when that happens.

Jim_B is a:

  • Troll
  • Benign Fool
  • Interesting Interactive Performance Artist
  • Something Else, But Who The Fuck Cares

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I think he’s a fool, but he’s not benign, in that he’s polluting the boards with his ridiculous threads that people just can’t seem to resist.

I rank him among the select few posters on this board who have a signal-to-noise ratio of zero.

Jim_B is not nearly smart enough to be a troll. He is quite possibly the stupidest poster on the Dope. But let’s not start a contest for that.

Or perhaps a science experiment where someone put an 8 year old human brain into a 70 year old man, and gave it computer access.

I believe Jim_B is himself gay.

(This would be at least the second time lately that a gay person on this MB has been accused of being a homophobe.)

Well then maybe he is just a fucking idiot. There is also this OP from him:

Your first sentence may or may not be true (I don’t know). But I’m not sure I understand what your point is about the other OP.

What he’s saying there is that he personally doesn’t believe that the stereotypical gay mannerisms are actually associated with being gay, but they do exist in the public imagination. In line with that, he was asking for examples of heterosexual people who have these stereotypical gay mannerisms.

Is your issue that this is offensive or that it’s stupid?

I think that it’s both. It was closed by the Mods specifically for being offensive.

Every community has its village idiot, and Jim_B is ours. He’s even much dumber than acey and that counts for a lot.

I think he is a low grade troll that is clever enough to play at being stupid.
He does this kind of crap a lot. Even his prayer thread, he is doing low grade whining his witnessing thread got moved to GD, the forum for witnessing.

Yeah, he’s a fool. I don’t think he’s malicious, but he’s never listened to any helpful corrections or criticism. Every time he posts, the board gets a little dumber.

He reads to me like a dopey-grin grandpa type with (a) no self control or filter and (b) a large and heavily used bong.

I tend to think of his as just being rather loopy. He reminds me of a now dearly departed uncle–who I mostly only talked to when he was drunk.

I think you’re all too kind to him, assuming he’s posting bullshit because of dope or booze. There’s a word in German for someone who’s naturally stoned, “naturprall”, and I think that’s the right adjective for Jim_B. And I think he’s a very naive, unlearned person with little life experiences, though it seems like he’s not that young anymore.

By the way, I’ve posted many times drunk or stoned here on the dope, but you wouldn’t catch me posting such inane things like him.

-BTW, bravo for @Dallas_Jones, that was the perfect way of describing the posters patterns-

I’m actually a bit between the two. IMHO, it’s the first, in that the poster seems to take a child-like delight in ‘discovering’ all sorts of stuff that a half-way educated adult would have checked an expert opinion on after having a morning ‘shower-thought’ and then dismiss. But, as @What_Exit points out, he does seem to take an equally child like delight in irritating everyone with his JAQ and pouty insistence on being taken seriously.

It could be, based on his reported age, a version of senility, but if he’s having a second childhood, it’s one that’s a pouty, vicious delinquent of a child. This is not to say he is senile, or that he should be blamed if that was the case, but it’s a common trope for an older individual who seems bound and determined to -act- like a child.