Kudos To Elton John

I wasn’t sure where this should go on these boards. But I just wanted to say, kudos to Elton John.

The guy is gay. Yet AFAIK he’s not HIV positive.

You know, he wasn’t promiscuous or at least used protection, at a time, when few gay men did. I just think he should be given some credit for that.


While I also like Elton John, I think you are mistaken. I don’t think he was that careful at all back in the day. I think he was just very lucky.

Of course, once he had kids he didn’t have time for all that hanky-panky any more.

Indeed. Watch Rocketman, which, while it’s a fictionalization, was made with Sir Elton’s blessing, and gives a sense for just how out-of-control he was, particularly in the '70s and early '80s.

He cleaned up his act as he got older, and became happily monogamous, but he very likely did dodge a bullet, especially as it seems like the height of his period of out-of-control behavior coincided with the period in which HIV was spreading through the gay community, but wasn’t yet understood, and “safe sex” to avoid passing/catching HIV wasn’t yet a thing.

On the flip side of the OG Post, there are tons of gay guys who went through the pre-and-post-AIDS gay scene without being HIV-Positive.

So kudos to Elton and millions of other dudes…

Why? Because gay men who were promiscuous deserved to get AIDS? Because unlike all those other horndogs, he was able to keep it in his pants?

Neither Elton John’s HIV status nor his sexual history are anyone’s business but his and his family’s own.

ETA: And being HIV+ is not shameful.

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This is unabashed backhanded hate speech, in my view. The notion that simply because a man is gay, he is destined to become infected with HIV, is offensive and wrong. I find it more egregious because you attempted to couch your assertion in “friendly” speech.

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