Jim_B has been banned for violating the Terms of Service

Jim_B is being banned for a history of not following our rules and ignoring moderator guidance. He has broken the cardinal rule (don’t be a jerk) specifically by posting hate speech. That and other rule violations are documented (in part, his posting history and list or warnings is extensive) below.

The most recent examples are:

Complaining about moderation outside of ATMB



We sometimes cut some slack for newcomers, but Jim_B was a charter member, and surely knows that ATMB is the only place for complaining about moderation.

Evidence of his ignoring moderator instructions includes when I told him:

it wasn’t too much later that I had to say this:

And reposting information about a site that collects money after having been told not to:

He also has a long history of hate speech.

For example:
A totally anti-factual slur against Muslims and Pakistanis:

A nasty innuendo that it’s totally expected for gay men to be HIV positive:

This weirdly inappropriate post about “totally straight celebrities who act like they are gay"

those and others led to a topic ban:

He is also widely believed to be a troll, including by many of the moderators. But even ignoring that, the case against JimB continuing to post here is conclusive. As a result, the mods have decided to permanently ban him from the SDMB.