"free speech"

Yeah, I’ll come here and bitch.

I got modded. And I got warned. For “ignoring” a mod’s instructions, that occurred the same minute I made the post.

Sure I suppose I could have edited the post to “never mind”…but that seems a bit dishonest…instead I noted/edited something along the lines of “posted the same time the mod did” for which I got a warning.

Let the fun begin.

PS. I might have considered PMing a mod but lately I contact a mod about something they don’t even bother to rely…

Perhaps a link to the thread/post in question…?

For those playing along at home, the sequence begins here.

So you could edit the post to note that you knew you weren’t supposed to post it, but you couldn’t edit it to not post it? Is that it?

ATMB is the place to discuss things about this message board, as the name implies. This is not the place to simply bitch.

The BBQ Pit is the place to go if all you want to do is bitch, except that you can’t bitch about mods (unless they aren’t acting as mods). So if all you want to do is bitch about a mod or the moderation here, sorry, you’re out of luck.

Since your post seems to indicate that all you want to do is bitch and “let the fun begin” then this is closed.

If you feel that there is a moderation issue that you want to discuss (and remember, ATMB discussions are supposed to be polite) feel free to make another post, but make it clear exactly what it is you want to discuss. And keep it polite. This is not the place for bitch-fests. If that’s the type of “fun” that you are looking for, then ATMB isn’t for you.

Thread closed.