Why isn't ATMB the place to discuss mods?

From the forum description re: the Pit:

I can understand why pitting a mod or admin belongs in the Pit. But general discussion about the actions of mods - why isn’t that in this forum?
It’d be better suited here.
Since TPTB decided to post bannings/suspensions here, I get the feeling that ATMB gets a lot more traffic.
Shouldn’t the forum descriptions be revised?

We felt it would be best to have all critiques (whether bouquets or brickbats, your preference) in the Pit.

We hope you always have good things to say about us.

This is also so you could write things like ‘Best fuckin’ bunch of moderators on the planet!" which is the sort of thing we frown upon here in ATMB; we expect you to watch your language a little more closely here.

We also expect you to spell fuckin’ with a “g” at the end. :smiley:

Yes, I know, I know already.

TubaD, you have just totally ruined my image of you. <sigh>
Now my fantasies have to go from fuzzed-out picnics in meadows with string music playing to really, really active encounters with… well, given the forum this is in, perhaps that should remain usaid. :smiley:

My old friend, believe me when I tell you, you really don’t want to know the awful truth. :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome back.



Well, you didn’t specify which end.

My thanks. It is good to be back. I suppose it might also be good to be behind… :stuck_out_tongue:


Only if you’re from Australia. “Gfuckin’ day, mate.”