Anomaly in BBQ Pit forum description?

I’ve been hear a year now … but I’ve only just read the forum description for the Pit:

“If you gotta flame, do it here. This is the place for all complaints and other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB

But surely the part I’ve bolded belongs here in ATMB? :confused:

As I understand it, “discussion regarding administration of the SDMB” means discussion regarding administrative decisions (e.g., why was so-and-so banned? or I think closing my thread was wrong) as opposed to ATMB, which is more about how to do things here; or suggestions for improvements, upgrades, and whatnot. The idea, I believe, is that questions about why certain decisions were made by the board staff often turn into rather heated debates, so they might as well get put in the Pit to start with.

I thought the “anomaly” was going to be the missing period. :wink:

I was just thinking about the Pit description the other day and how it makes it sound like the forum is solely for flaming the mods. Maybe it needs the addition of “also” in between “This is” and “the place”.

Just a thought.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this brought up and that is surprising because it is a very valid point.
No offence but Q.E.D.'s point about ATMB being mainly for how this place works doesn’t really answer it because IMO “other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB” really does seem obviously to belong in the forum named About This Message Board and I have not seen anywhere an explanation that it is for what Q.E.D. says it’s for.

I suggest that we destroy the anomaly by recalibrating the phasers to emit a reverse tachyon pulse, then routing the pulse through the deflector dish.

Excellent suggestion! Get righrt on it!

Some forum guidance in re questions on SDMB policy:

* To ask "What is the accepted way of doing something at the SDMB?" put your post in ATMB.
* To ask "Why is this the accepted way to do something at the SDMB?" Should probably be in the BBQ Pit, but there are borderline cases.
  • To ask “Why is this the accepted way to do something at the SDMB? I think it would be better if you did it another way.” The BBQ Pit.

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Awww! I was all set to go to the holodeck and get freaky with my simulation of naked Troi!

“Anomaly” as a synonym for “peculiarity” … clever clogs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve often wondered about this, but never got around to posting about it. When I first arrived here, it appeared (and still does) from the forum description that the Pit was purely for ranting about the board, or possibly (at a stretch) other members.

Imagine my surprise on my first visit, then, to discover a hothouse of vexations, whinges and rhetoric about everything under the sun. Get that description changed, I say!

You know, I never really thought about it, but you’re right. I would suggest adding a single word would clarify things thusly:

Will this do?

Wait, does this mean that we can expect to see one of those infamous “child forums” in a few months?

That sounds like a 1920’s Style Death Ray.

ahahahah! :smiley:

We have decided where things go pretty much on the basis of if you want to know something, it’s About This Message Board; if it’s complaint about something, it’s The BBQ Pit.

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Abuse is in room 12A, just along the corridor.

Then is it possible for someone to get banned for flaming in the pit? :confused:

So why not change the forum description to mean just that? “Other discussion” does not imply complaints. :confused:

because it’s a forum specifically for complaints? Otherwise it could mean anything. :confused:

Two points: number one, we don’t have any phasers, and number two, we don’t have any phasers. I know it’s only one point, but, it’s such a good point, I felt it should be made twice.

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