Removal of membership?

A question for the moderators of these message board:

Is there a method/procedure by which membership on these messageboards may be revoked?

You’re most likely better off putting this in ATMB, dublos . . . if this doesn’t get moved there I’d recommend Posting this OP there and requesting this thread be closed. Just a suggestion.

Since I’m not a mod and don’t know the excruciating details, I ain’t saying anything else.

  1. Create a second SN (aka sockpuppet) which you use to fool the board into thinking you’re a seperate identity

  2. Forget to give the Administrators a birthday gift.

  3. Having been banned already, come back as another SN.

  4. Post in the wrong forum even once.

  5. Post commercial websites on the board in an attempt to make money.

  6. Have such poor grammar skills. Type U and R instead of you and are. Forget to spell check.

  7. Purposely enflame the board with racists, sexist, etc. comments

  8. Refuse to participate in the newbie ritual of Cecil feltching

  9. Having been warned about a problem you are creating, refuse to acknowledge the warning and continue to do said problem.

  10. Forgetting to say “hi Opal!” when creating a list, even if the list is over 3 items in length.

  11. Personally insulting posters repeatedly.

  12. Even once mention the name Alex Chiu, even in jest.

oh shit.


Since I have been happily pointed to the “About this Message Board” section and found exactly what I was looking for as well as being given very helpful information right here in this thread, please lock this puppy up and move it as you see fit.

I just love it when newbies are cooperative and obey the rules and allow themselves to be corrected when they mess up.

Dublos, let me be the first one to say welcome to the SDMB.

And here, I thought this was another JDT thread.

Yeah, welcome and all that.

As you’ve probably found out by now, you really have to go out of your way to be banned. So don’t worry about it too much. Everyone, even our latest ban-ee, gets a warning or three before we consider dropping the axe.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.