Jim_B's Note should be upgraded to a Warning at least

This is not really a big complaint against the Mods who did a great job by acting very quickly in shutting down a horribly offensive thread. I don’t think things went far enough though. We have a poster with a history creating the most offensive OP in quite some time. It should have been a Warning along with a Suspension.

And it may be. I was uncomfortable making that decision as the newest MPSIMS mod without input from the others. It’s being discussed in the mod loop.

Thank you. And again, kudos for the quick action.

I’d give them the boot. No second chances.

FYI. There is his OP below that was locked just a few months ago.

Funny, that is the thread I brought up in the Modloop before I got to read this thread. I am strongly advocating for an upgrade to warning. I think JimB is not learning or perhaps trolling the board.

We also have this shitty thread from him:

Wow. Read the OP in question. The assumptions hidden behind the smiley face and congratulatory tone… yeah. This being ATMB, I won’t ascribe motives the way @What_Exit did, but I would agree, a warning is certainly merited.

I’ve heard this kind of thing from a couple of the newer mods now, and I just want to say I think it’s absolute bullshit. After, say, 1 month or so, you guys should all have the same ability to make these calls by yourselves. I can see needing some consensus on banning long-term posters, but for warnings, your say-so should be good enough in the forums you mod.

She brought it to the modloop and was looking for additional guidance. I went digging as JimB has been pulling stuff like this for a long time. This incident is about to be upgraded to a warning and a topic ban will be following. I’m not sure if Aspenglow is doing this or if I will be doing it after I have dinner. But she did everything right in this case as she wasn’t as familiar with the poster as say I am.

Before the night is out, additional action will be taking place.

Agreed, except apparently the second chances have already happened. That post was beyond the pale, and to those of us who lost family and friends to AIDS, painful to read.

Thank you to the mods for giving attention to this sort of thing, and being thoughtful about it as well.

Great job, Mods.

Agreed. Thanks for doing the right thing.

Yes, it’s hard to imagine why they might be a little hesitant and want to seek advice…

It took them like three hours. I think that’s reasonable.

Yeah, very reasonable. And honestly that post in the OP just had me going “Huh? What the fuck does he mean here?”. But those other posts What_Exit bring up, makes it clear.

This was the right way to handle it. And the topic ban is better than just a quickie warning. This took thought and consideration.

Good work.

I would say great work. Measured and carefully thought out. Kudos to all the mods.


Yes, I just hovered over the heading and decided I didn’t want to get involved in that conversation. Thanks Mods!

Okay, you are right, dude. Great work.

I didn’t mean it’s bullshit by Aspenglow, I meant it’s bullshit for Aspenglow to have to put up with their decisions having to be vetted. Like I said, that’s perfectly OK for bannings (and topic bannings, like this one), but an individual mod should be able to Warn on their own initiative, or else you have all the faff around threads being locked while the loop is consulted etc. That thread warranted a Warning just for itself, IMO, only the full topic ban should have needed to consult the loop.

Yes, this loop discussion went quickly. Lots of them don’t. Mods have lives. That’s more bureaucracy than is warranted for a Warning.

And yes, props to the mods for the eventual Warning and topic ban.