Hey Twickster, How was this OTHER warning justified?

Link: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=544018

Your schoolmarm sensibilities being offended and resulting in official warnings are a bit…reactionary. Snark is what makes this board interesting - why are you suddenly wanting to suck the life out of it?

I’d think you’d get a better response with a simple, “hey, let’s tone it down before it gets out of control - no warning issued”. This and the Hajaro warning are really small potatoes, don’t you think?

Huh? The warnee called someone a “pipsqueek” in MPSIMS. Posters are not allowed to call other posters names in MPSIMS. Warning ensued.

Holy christ - since when does “pipsqueek” rise to the level of being a jerk? Seriously? That’s pathetic.

My 6 year old nephew called my other nephew a “snake butt” over the weekend. No warning issued. Can I call someone a snake butt in MPSIMS?

Since I commented in the other thread, for fairness I feel I should also point out that I think twickster’s warning here was justified and well within the rules. Even if “pipsqueek” itself is a very mild name to call someone, it’s still name-calling in MPSIMS. Add in the overall combative tone and I think early moderator intervention was critical in keeping the thread from going off the rails before it even began.

No. If you wish to call someone a snake butt, you should do it in The Pit.

It just came off as needlessly snotty. A poster asked a question and then Covered jumped all over him–for what gain? I don’t see the point in being rude for no reason.

Again - why not just issue a “please tone it down” statement? Instead, MPSIMS is being baptised in a vat of Purell every time it comes in contact with something outside of an Intel clean room.

That Bee character has been annoying for a while. I think he/she posted an unnecessary response and got a justified warning.

I can’t get on board with this. I don’t agree with a lot of twickster’s rulings, but I think she was correct here.

It was a judgment call.

It was my judgment that Covered was being pugnacious and rude. The warning was for jerkiness in general, both in the post that got the warning and for the one immediately following it, not for the specific use of the word “pipsqueak.”

Why a warning and not a mere finger-wagging? I thought Covered might benefit from a strong, clear statement from a moderator that jerkiness isn’t acceptable behavior.

Every mod on this board can issue a successful finger-wag to settle down a semi-heated exchange. If yours are ineffective, maybe it’s because your rulings are so completely subjective, reactionary and irrational:

Twickster issues a warning to LOUNE for an amusing exchange with his father.

Hey, Twicks, if you carry on like this, then MPSIMS will indeed become the land of happy huggy puppies that it is always accused of being.

I thought that’s what MPSIMS is intended to be? A light, fluffy, friendly, feel-good forum for silliness. There are multiple other forums where the gloves come off…like GD, The Pit, and to a lesser extent, IMHO.

Worst mod ever.

Sorry, Munch, not feeling you on these two.

Hey, mods and/or admins, can we get a ruling clarification on personal insults between members who know each other? I was going to say that you can’t personally insult other posters regardless of whether you know them or not, then I realized that I don’t actually know if that’s a rule or not.

Jesus fuck…

I don’t see how knowing someone personally would change anything. It’s a public forum, and bad behavior is bad behavior.

I thought LOUNE’s response was in horrible taste, given that **gonzo **had just described his brother’s potentially fatal brain tumor. That kind of humor should be shared in private.

The first one, I can understand. I don’t agree, but I see where action was warranted (I just disagree on the severity of that action). But the second? That thread clearly sets up a mood of people trying to laugh off the seriousness of the topic at hand. Add to it the fact that Twickster herself ADMITS that she should have pulled the warning, but didn’t because of LOUNE’s response. Sorry - either the warning should have been issued or not issued in the first place, and if you admit that it shouldn’t have after realizing the relationship between the two, then stick to your fucking guns.

Well, to be clear, she *states *that she *would *have. I don’t see it as an *admission *of a mistake.

Here’s Twickster’s response:

Twickster - is there an online equivalent of a courtsey we should be performing when addressing you? I just want to make sure I’m up-to-date on the proper protocol. Clearly, we need to let you win at croquet, but are there other intricacies involved to prevent us from having our heads chopped off?