twickster, seriously?

This situation was already fully under control. I had already been formally warned and walked away from the thread. Did you really have to come back hours later and formally warn me again, with some condescending crap about giving myself a “time-out” before you guys do it for me? I’m not a child. I don’t let this place get to me that bad, and I had already walked away.

Do you have a problem with me or something?

This is not the first time you’ve engaged in some heavy-handed modding with regards to me. Right here you warned me for “personal insults” when I did not, in fact, make any. Someone else said something more out of line than me in that thread, another mod noticed it, but did not officially warn that poster. Just told him to take it somewhere more appropriate.

The Gabby Sidibe nonsense should be considered one incident and I’ll take the one reprimand for getting out of line. The second was completely unnecessary, just like the last time you gave me a warning.

Cisco, seriously… You made a second insult after the warning, that is why you were warned.

No dog what so ever in the fight just stating the obvious.

The situation was clearly not under control if you came back after moderator action and called someone “a shithead-loser board obsesser” in a Cafe Society thread.

I stand by the warning.

Read it again. You got warned for a response that was “over the top and inappropriate”. It was. Get over it.

However, I don’t think “a shithead-loser board obsesser” is an insult. The insult is to the snarkpit, not the poster. “Shithead-loser” is the adjective describing the board.

Actually, the earlier situation was exactly the same. Despite what she said in the thread, that warning is/was for personal insults. She thought “you’re so fucking high and mighty” was a personal insult. When I pointed out that what I actually said was “and you’re so fucking high and mighty?” which is clearly not an insult, she said, oh, well, the warning stands. Same as she’s doing now.

Someone who is obsessed with a shithead-loser board is pretty much by definition a shithead loser, no? Still an insult. And I’m still letting it stand.

Are you saying the “snarkpit” has redeeming qualities? I had already called it that several times in that thread. You know good and well that if I said she was obsessed with baseball cards there is 0% chance you would’ve given me a warning. You would not have blinked. You were just uncomfortable with its proximity to a swear word and you kneejerked, and now you don’t want to back down.

And you know I had walked away from the thread because I was still posting in other threads but hadn’t posted in that one in almost 3 hours. It was over.

I never thought that I’d see that day when a SDMB Moderator would defend the Snackpit’s honor.

Enough about pits and their snark.

Why is it that **Cisco **and **Sleeps **get into a purse fight, and Cisco is warned, but Sleeps isn’t? Full disclosure: I like them both. Fuller disclosure: I am tired, in general, of every time the language rises above what’ll pass in a PG movie, mods swooping in like the MPAA deeming what’s kosher. I don’t think anyone should have been warned, but enough of my personal feelings.

Point is there is was slap fight, and Cisco was warned (whether or not I care for it being irrelevant). The skirmish continues, and Sleeps is told that there is no desire to issue further warnings, but she should knock it off. However, Cisco is rewarded no such good will? They both continue the same damn fight that the moderators have deemed unsavory, yet only one party receives a warning?

Do tell what gives.

If it pleases everyone, I went back and reported my post #158 in that thread. Could a passing mod please give me a warning (hell, make it two!) and I promise to give it all the concern and attention it deserves?


You are just a little packet of joy, aren’t you?

Cisco, you’re taking this all a bit seriously, aren’t you? Does this warning really affect your life in any way, shape, or form?

Only to the extent that anything said or done here affects anyone’s life in any way, shape, or form. And I can tell you’re really invested in trying to make people think you’re just way too cool and above it all, but seeing as you’re a member of the meta-boards, stop trying to act like you don’t care about this place way more than I do.

It’s annoying as fuck isn’t it?

Now that I notice you’re in Phoenix Cisco, remind me to buy you a drink sometime. I don’t live there but I go there at least once a year to visit a long time friend of mine.

You think I’m trying to make people think I’m too cool and above it all? You really think a lot of yourself.

Because I post at the Giraffe Board and here that makes me somehow on a different plane of caring? Following your posts has been like playing hopscotch with a drunk. I never know where your assumptions will jump to next.

I have never complained about a warning or admonishment that I’ve been given here. If they ban me from here, they ban me. If they don’t, they don’t. This is an entertaining place, so I post here. If I couldn’t post here anymore, I’d find somewhere else just as entertaining. If you think that me feeling that way is an effort to make you or anyone else think I’m “cool” then I have to question how long you’ve been away from junior high.

If twickster really wanted to nail you she’d have gotten you for telling DianaG to STFU and questioned her ability to read. You can’t seem to stop yourself from being over-the-top and inflammatory. I also see you are telling her in that post why she’s posting (to feel high and mighty) just like I’m supposedly posting to appear cool and above-it-all. Glad to see this is a trend for you. Maybe if you didn’t assign reasons, feelings, and ulterior motives to everyone’s posting you wouldn’t feel the need to be so defensive. DianaG (and others) gave you their honest opinions of a controversial media personality, but it apparently isn’t enough for you to believe them that they know and understand how they feel. You need to question them, doubt them, and basically call them liars over it. Why?

I have no idea why that particular person inspires such unbelievable reactions from you nor do I honestly care why. As much as you have the right to have an impression of them and appreciation for them, they have the right to their opinions without passing your test of whether or not they are familiar enough with him to feel that way.

I don’t care a bit if you don’t like me or the way I post. You’re a font on a page to me as I am sure you are to twickster yet you think she’s somehow out to get you even though others have pointed out to you that you were, in fact, way overreacting in that thread. No, it surely must be that the evil and terrible twickster is gunning for you and made it her goal to take you down. Of course, that must be it.

And just in time, your pal has come in to help you out. I’ll leave you two to your mutual admiration society meeting. Cheers!

It’s okay, I can buy him a drink for you.
In fact, I already have (and dinner) before!

Meh. Maybe she has a sociological or psychological interest in the board. I, for one, look forward to reading Sleeps’ paper on the Shithead Loser Board Internet Troll Culture. At any rate, if you want to be nitpicky, and hell it’s the dope why not, I think you’d be hard-pressed to argue that calling someone a shithead loser board obsesser is an insult unless you deem the word obsesser to be an insult. You could infer that the poster feels the obsesser is also a shithead loser but it’s only an inference.

Thanks, I’m sure I’d enjoy.

And thanks again, by the way ;).

See, you keep saying you don’t care, and acting like you do. That’s pretty much the definition of trying to convince people you’re above it all. It’s just not working for you.

To be fair, Cisco’s second message was posted only 8 minutes after Marley’s moderation. It’s reasonable to think that he didn’t see the warning when he posted it.

There should be a window of opportunity on these things. I think it would be fair to count it as if it was before Marley’s warning, and therefore covered by it.

No, looking at it again, I’m mistaken. Previous comment withdrawn.