Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

For the Obvious Troll is Obvious award of the week, I’d like to nominate GlowingDarkness, in recognition of these fine efforts:

Do Nice Guys Ever Get the Sexy Time?

Why Do Drug Addicts Get All Addicted?

Christ Almighty, It was Only the One Rape!

Why Be People Sheeple?

I Met Her in a Club Down in Old Soho Where You Drink Champagne and It Tastes Just Like Cherry Cola

Okay, maybe they aren’t all trolling threads. But overall it’s an outstanding body of work. And these are only about half of the threads he’s started recently.

(I realize that I may be the only person interested in an omnibus troll thread in the Pit. Hell, even I feel pretty half-hearted about the whole thing.)

And of course, this is definitely NOT a troll thread. :dubious:

You are correct. It is not a troll thread. It may be a stupid thread, of course.

Total posts = 56
Threads started = 42

I think that says it all.

What do you guys think? :wink:

He’s challenging boffking.

You read my mind!

There’s a certain kind of trolling that is indistinguishable from mental illness. And I don’t mean just that you cannot tell intent from the posts. I mean that if you actually got an honest interview with the poster, even if they subjectively thought they were a mentally balanced person trolling as a lark, in actuality they would have some kind of diagnosable mental illness.

I’m much less troubled by “trolls” who are obvious. It’s the trolls who make an effort to hide below the radar and just selectively stir shit up or profess some insincere bullshit for fun that I think are annoying, since part of the value of the board is interacting with posters’ actual beliefs.

Here’s another one pinging my trolldar.

New member. May 2016
Typical trollish “personal dilema” thread as their first post.
Passive aggressive response style.

A definitive ping. Hmmm, how can I say something asinine about the military and Christianity at the same time? Eureka!

(= .75) I think that’s an excellent metric in general. It should appear next to one’s post count. (And why not–they should call it the John Mace quotient, because you’re the first to apply it, at least IME.)

Someone should pit spamforbrains. I don’t believe any poster has ever been more consistently wrong than her. Bonus points for smugness too.

An addition to the collection:

Why don’t people like pedophiles and wife beaters?

But points for an accurate user name!

I was amazed when she claimed to have a Ph.D., too.

If you click on the Nice Guys thread, you get a twofer. GlowingD’s cluelessness and CCitizen, who (despite being repeatedly told it’s bullshit) keeps stating variations of:

Which is exactly why I like the idea of an omnibus thread for the obvious ones. You get a little mad, but not mad enough for a full pit thread.

I believe adaher and spamforrains may be soul mates.

CCitizen is either a troll with a long game or a record on auto-replay. Hard to tell. Update music reference as appropriate.

Spamforbrains doesn’t set off my troll-dar. Rings my WTF-dar all the time though.

And yet another entry Are blacks really screwing up Africa?

That was the one that did it for me. :smiley: