Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

So you’re sure that it’s not just that these people are idiots.

I must be charitable. I think idiots first, trolls second.

Where do you put artificial intelligence chat bots in your hierarchy?

Socks sake, cover your ankles.

I seem to be a magnet for students ‘on the spectrum’, and some of them have so little ‘verbal socialization*’ that they’d be indistinct from chatbots. In fact, looking through CCitizen’s posts, he does ask a question relating to how an autistic person communicates.
*“Okay, I’ve compiled a list of all the ways that chimeras are superior to gryphons and don’t even get me started on hippogriffs no this is a whole new list because it’s on graph paper this time and I know you told me not to interrupt class to share these with everyone but look at the graph paper so this would require a different ruling from the bench and I KNOW this is the middle of class oh you’re at the board in the middle of diagramming something but number 17 is flight because I should tell everyone in the school this one because a gryphon can fly techhhhnically but the wingspan would need to be immense because of the heavy muscular torso okay I’ll sit down but I’ll try to pass this list to all the popular kids and I’ll have to get up to give it to Jessie Jablonski who always sits over by the windows WOO HOO graph paper rules! In your face, three hole punched college ruled!”

Actually, there’s a third class too. Those whose posts contain more Broomfiction than fact. They aren’t trolling as much as using their Broomagination to create Broomtales. Of course, I’d never mention who that poster was. The point is, this trolling isn’t offensive or obnoxious so we sort of give them a pass on it.

Slightly above 133+speakers but just below there’s this girl who goes to my church and every time I go to talk to her she avoids me, and when I tried to ask her why on Facebook she blocked me. I’m the only one she does this to, because there’s a whole group of girls from my church who get together after church every week for sushi and she invited all of them to her wedding in the park except me, and when I tried to ask her why on Facebook she blocked me after posting a nasty message about how I lied about liking sushi. Why would I lie about liking sushi? Also the barrista at Starbucks wouldn’t give me a refund on my venti soy chestnut latte because all the sprinkles sank to the bottom so I thought I didn’t get any after I asked for them special.

You’re done.

Oh, how tempting to post that in one of the other forums. So tempting!! :slight_smile:

Our troll in the OP has now hit the jackpot with this:

If Europeans had settled in Africa, would they have done a better job than current Africans?

Just asking questions!!

Does he ever return to his own threads?

Not being a fan of the GlowingDarkness oeuvre, I can’t say, but surely with such an awesome thread-to-post ratio – noted above as being 0.75 (sometimes known as the John Mace Quotient in honor of its inventor) – our luminescent friend apparently wastes little time posting either in his own threads or anyone else’s, and merely busies himself starting threads, somewhat like a write-only trollbot. To add to the magnificent collection already cited, the latest write-only achievement in philosophical rumination is “why is pain painful?” an inquiry that I can only imagine was inspired by how we all feel when reading his magnificently abundant threads.

But no, he’s not challenging boffking, he is head and shoulders above boffking, who with 451 threads and 1252 posts has a relatively lowly JMQ of just 0.36. But to give boffking credit, most of those posts are in other people’s threads. Like the inimitable GlowingDarkness, he has very little interest in his own work. Perhaps it’s a form of artistic modesty.

A few weeks ago, I looked at his last 100 threads he started.

100 threads
24 he returned to for a total of 37 extra posts. (beyond the OP)

His best was 5 extra posts in one thread but he also had a thread he never returned to that had 420 replies.

I think boffking had quite a few posts years ago then a blank period. And then returned recently in his latest incarnation. So a more accurate look at the latter might produce a different mathematical result.

Posting from my phone right now so I’m not really in a position to check that.

Perhaps a new metric is needed: # threads never returned to (TNRT) over total threads started (TTS).

Boffking returned to a few threads that apparently he was very passionate about (ignoring any questions or corrections to his scattered OPs) while leaving orphan the majority of his JAQ threads.

A worthy refinement! :slight_smile:

Time to get a hobby or maybe a pet. :wink:

We have pets.
This is a hobby.

Ah, come on, amusing oneself with self-made petty statistics has always been a regular pastime for at least 63 percent of dopers.:wink:

Actually, there was a thread where several were complaining about his lack of participation and in a fit of idle curiosity, I took a look to see if it was a valid complaint.

63.4875% actually.

Sorry, it wasn’t meant as a shot at you, just a general quip :).

The statistics were interesting, thanks!