Ongoing Snark Thread

Inspired by a discussion in the Omnibus Trolls R Us thread, this thread could be used for ongoing conversational pitting of the board’s douchebags, turdburglars, twatwaffles and fuckwits of the day when their behavior doesn’t quite warrant a formal Pit thread but still deserves an honorable mention somewhere.

The line between a sincere fuckwit and a troll is sometimes a blurry one so this is just an idea that came about based on how many truly pitworthy things which might otherwise go unpitted are surfacing in the Trolls R Us thread.


<Looks around>

Needs more smilies.

Is this where we complain about the lack of a “Like” button?



So far, it’s not working. OTRU is descending into chaos. Nice job on the pre-emptive strike against “omnibus” though.

Can we get the one with slap fight? We need that one. Desperately.

For the Snark was a Boojum, you see.

Oh be careful, you might get a warning for threatening violence! :wink:

Perhaps a “Non-omnibus Anti-Social Personality Disorder” thread would clean up the existing threads.

I’ve noticed quite a bit of thread drift lately. Font discussions in the clusterfuck thread etc.

Trump’s baffle em with bullshit technique is having far reaching effects.

Quite a scene. It could take some time for the troll and fuckwit threads to be a little more distinguishable from each other.

Thread drift has been pretty common on the dope for a while now. As I recall, the various discussions of sleep aids and melatonin were in the Omnibus Troll thread and at least two or three other threads spread around the board.

Well Riemann is obviously one of those physics trolls who goes around answering questions correctly just hoping to get a rise out of people, so it makes sense that you’re having a slap fight with him in the OTRU thread.

Well, I’ll play the “He may not be a troll, but he sure is annoying” game:

I don’t think Luciano700 is being a troll, just a pest. Yeah, he’s grating – jumping from one question to another with each post and obsessing over masculinity in multiple threads. He claims it’s because he’s multi-cultural (huh?), and he identifies as “an Asperger”, but he’s still getting on many nerves.

Many of us have tried to give him advice, or even get him to formulate a coherent question*, but he just posts twice as much drivel.

*his reply was “And I been studying masculinity as in the various ideas, types, cultures and definitions of masculinity that the world has to offer for months now.” (someone finally asked him “How old are you, anyway?”)

As I said in the other thread, I stopped engaging him because he can’t focus on a single question long enough to answer it. You ask him a question about something he said, he doesn’t answer it, he asks several more questions.

I would get a lot of mileage from the :beer: smilie


I can’t stand him either. Or machinaforce. Or hurricane Sitka. I’ve had to self moderate myself because any response to any of the above would probs get me a warning. I’m toying with the idea of putting ditka’s McVeigh quote in my Sig until he owns up and admits he was trolling, or gives some stupid explanation about what he meant.

You know, I never really bothered with that thread; saw the thread title when I checked The Pit, but was never interested enough to bother reading it. This thread inspired me to take a quick look and it’s 135 pages!

Did I miss anything?

You came up on pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 17, 18, 34, 37, 102, 103 and 134.