Friendly Advice for Drunky

Calm down son! Or at least use the right forum to ‘communicate’ in. When the drugs and suspension wear off post your troll/sock proof in a rational form and the mods will act. Ranting like a loon while overworking your remaining synapses isn’t productive and won’t help you in any way.

Finally, get over yourself and your virtue signaling need to correct every wrong on the internet. It’s pointless. :slight_smile:

Taking posting advice from Octoputz is like taking medical advice from Typhoid Mary.

What if you are looking for advice about how to get Typhoid? Seems like a good person to ask.

DS is a braindead loon who isnt worth the time to write out his screenname in full. There is a better use of your time. Such as.banging creatively shaped craters into the wall with your head.

Note the subject of the thread. Your avatar is so appropriate.

The fact that you think that makes sense only reinforces my opinion about your ability to help anyone.

Let’s say you are right. What is your friendly advice for Drunky? He obviously needs help. I’m sure there are loved ones in his life that count on him. Maybe even a houseplant or a fish.

I sure hope he doesn’t neglect his house plant, spending all day, every day, posting meaningless bullshit on the internet.

My friendly advice is that you’re going to complain about somebody’s posting behavior, you should provide a link to the behavior you’re complaining about. (Like so.) Because absent a link, I find it reasonable to conclude that he made a completely normal and calm post and you just went nuts about it because you’re an insane person.

It’s friendly advice for drunky not for begbert. Drunky knows why he needs help.

But if you’re curious check out ATMB. I ain’t messing with links while on the phone.

What do you think Czarcasm’s avatar is?

Obviously it’s a cookie jar.

(I have a TARDIS-shaped cookie jar in my kitchen which sadly is no larger on the inside than the outside.)

So **Drunky **got upset about things that a lot of posters are upset about, and your response is to come here and start this? He’s right: fuck you.

Did you mean ‘not for octopus’? Because the notion that I was offering advice to myself makes no sense whatsoever.

And it looks like Drunky is just tired of trolls. I get why you’re not tired of trolls, but those of us who are not trolls get tired of them pretty fast.

Well, well, well look what shows its ugly head! A mean girl!

This is a friendly advice thread you dishonest toad. Drunky is free to say what he wants, more or less, in the pit. But up in ATMB being a white knight against so-called misogyny doesn’t grant one a license to post like an unhinged loon. It doesn’t help the crusade and it won’t help him as an incel. It’s completely counterproductive.

Oh, if so many of you long term snark-trolls feel as drunky felt at least he has the courage to act on his convictions. As illogical and erroneous as they may be.

Well, more friendly advice just for you. There’s an ignore feature on these boards!!

Well, maybe it was.
(Okay, we all know it never was.)

God, you’re fragile today.

I’ve always heard to kick a person when they’re already down was doubly despicable.

(Since you’re calling folks names: I prefer being called ‘A Dangerous Woman’,
‘Mean girl’ is sexist)

Isn’t that redundant?


I’m not calling random folks names. Sunny is a special case.

With regards to kicking while down, that’s just silly. Drunky attacked a lot of folks in a very hostile and dishonest fashion. I’m choosing to respond because he clearly needs help.

That’s why my first bit of advice was for him to calm down. If he wants his words to be taken seriously he can’t come across as deranged or unhinged.

You folks have disappointed me btw. Please reflect upon that and strive to do better.