Octopus is having a meltdown...

…and it’s so sweet.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Look at that, I kept my snark of the vile little motherfucker right here on this board.

He is a strange guy. I swear I’ve seen it a few times where a moderator tells him he can create a new thread about GB in ATMB - context being, him dragging things off target in an existing ATMB thread. And only now when constantly dragging ATMB threads off target catches up with him does he create a thread there about GB, something he’s conspicuously griped about for how long, several months at least?

Thank you for the consideration.

You and the rest of those giraffe clowns are persistent with your dishonesty. And a melt isn’t arguing over a principle. Break out the thesaurus and flame away.

Are you banned on Giraffe Boards or something? Go complain there.

Oh, I’m sure you love it.

Like I said, your paranoia is showing, man.

Is something wrong on the Internet?

I don’t have to flame you, your flailing in ATMB is enough.

But hey, props for still trying to make the thesaurus thing happen. Lets me know it really eats at you that I’m that much more “articulate” than you could ever hope to be. How uppity of me.

You know, the fact that an obvious troll like Octopus is allowed to run wild here and dominate the board is why the SDMB is dying. He brings nothing of value here and no one does anything about it.



There was a story in the news recently about giving an octopus ecstasy, and how it would react. It would seem that sometimes it freaks out. Is there a freak-out tent near here?


I visit here and every day it is still not much more than a platform for SA and Octopus. And I go away again.

There are other threads you know. Besides Kavanaugh and elections.

He isn’t, but his buddy Starkers is! :slight_smile:

Yeah, Octopus is a symptom, not the problem. The fact that they are maybe thinking about taking such small step about such an obvious troll is why I regret financially supporting this board.

Though it would be nice to participate in a discussion about the most important topics of the day without a small group of jerks shitting all over it.

You’re naive if you think they confine their misogynism and whatabouting to threads about Kavanaugh and Elections.

They’re manspreading all over ATMB, GD and BBQ, too.

But then, you knew that.

Get over yourself you dimestore Bricker.

It wouldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

I go away from time to time myself. I just get tired of the same assholes spewing the same vomit all the time. That’s why I now just start with the insults, instead of logic or “cites” - it was a fucking waste of my time and effort.


Well you never had logic or cites.

Not to be immodest, but that was a solid burn.