Octopus here's your own thread to shit all over

Octopus is very, very good at his occupation. He trolls relentlessly until the entire thread is about him, then he whines about how mean people are, and won’t someone think of the children.

I am fully sympathetic to the desire to vent pent-up Octopus-punting needs (symbolically, of course) and hereby present this thread for that purpose.

Bonus points if you can earn these phrases from our honoree:

Potty mouth
You kiss your mother with that mouth
My children see this
Why do the mods allow this

Feel free to add your favorites to this list.

Octopus, you weaselly little troll, learn to debate honestly. Not every thread is about you, censorship, and boycotts, and stop trying to make them into that. I’d say that you have a brain underneath all the blathering, but I’ve given up hope.

Please fuck off.


Sunny D.

You’re getting forgetful of late, Sunny.

Someone check the IP. Are his posts coming from 1601 Pennsylvania Ave.?

I don’t think he’s a troll; I really do think he’s sincere in his stupidity, a child given a “Star Student” sticker on his shirt who wears it the rest of his life convinced he’s the smartest guy in the room.

Years ago I had another poster (whom I will not name, since he periodically comes back to the board) who was too stupid to be believed. I created a similar thread for him; and whenever his inanities got too much for me to deal with and I wanted to explode at him, instead I could link to the pit thread for him and explode there, keeping his dumbshittery from dumbshitting up other threads. It was pretty satisfying.

So: thanks for creating this thread, and I encourage folks who want to tell octopus what a fool he is to do it here, and link to it elsewhere, instead of telling him in other threads how terribly dumb he is.

Six months is, like, 25 octopus years.

Those are not mutually exclusive. :slight_smile:

I particularly love how the little rubber glove filled with sundried Nazi toenail scrapings was all “Ooh, are you triggered?” and “snowflake” in Sunny’s Male Centrism Pit thread…and then is the ***first ***to run off to *ATMB *with his “Mods! Save me from these horrible links!” thread. Talk about your pwecious snowflakes. Oooh, that’s the kind of manly we should all aspire to! *¡Un **pulpo *muy macho!

I knew it was out there. I just thought he needed a whole new one. I could be persuaded otherwise.

He is absolutely a troll. No one could possibly spend so much of his time in the Pit, decrying the horrible language allowed, whinging about the horrible standards of discourse, while knowing the forum rules, unless he was a troll. Put that in combination with his pet concern - censorship - and there is no way he’s not a troll.

It’s called trolling. Everything he does is meant to provoke a reaction. As a returning poster, he knows the board rules and culture well enough to know exactly which chains to yank, and how hard, for maximum impact without running afoul of the rules.

Can you explain that logic to me? I’ve always understood trolling as saying things specifically to get a rise out of people, which requires that the person is not doing it in good faith, IMO. In my mind, a sincere moron and a troll are very different things, but I’d like to hear why you feel differently.

To be clear I’m not defending him, I’m with MrDibble that him asking people if they were triggered and then running to the mods is both indicative of his character as well as hilarious.

Best way to keep octuputz out of a thread is put the words “Bar of soap herein” in the title. Sort of like a trigger for him, he won’t go near a bar of soap or the mention of one. Most trolls won’t.

Per Colibri, one can sincerely say things specifically to elicit negative responses. It’s the intent, not the sincerity, on the SDMB.

Cite for the above.

Apparently all I have to do is tell him this thread is for him. :mad:

Trolls generally know to avoid threads like this, it’s too easy to accidentally reveal your real motives. Safer to just act confused and hurt in other threads when people call you out, conveniently keeping the thread’s focus on them and shifting away to other hijacks as needed.

Ok, I don’t agree with that at all, but thanks for explaining it for me.

Wait, what? Is he December or something?

Well, well, well. My very own Pit thread?!?

I like the bonus points thing. But it would be better if it were like a Bingo card. Then the first person who got their card filled with honestly earned octopus-words™️ could be the thread winner. Maybe this should in thread games?

See, ladies, you got your own content now. :wink:

He showed up last time - little whiner.