Octopus has a point

It’s on the top of his head.

Well played! Though rather tame for the pit.

I know you like clean insults.

Is it under the hat? Because it looks pretty round to me.

The squids really dodged a bullet when he chose his username.

When I see his avatar, the hat makes me think of Beth Oblong.


(It’s SFW. It’s a growth from eating tainted beef.)

Is this what you meant? Your link was broken as posted.

oh don’t be a dickhead

yeah yeah alright I’m movin along already!

He’s funny (but looks aren’t everything!)

Does his face hurt ? It’s killing me!

A brainslug is as good an explanation as any.

“Thank you, it was cold in the Pit.”

He s been to the Pointless Forest

He’s a R.O.U.S.
Republican Of Unusual Stupidity

Disagree. I think he’s much smarter and more articulate than your average Republican.

I don’t think anyone doubts that those exist.

Wow, that’s a low bar. I think only a vermin (or an octopus) could get under it.

Octopuses (octopodes?) can get under any bar that their beak can fit through.

Flexible & slippery critters though they are.

Goddamnit, I thought I’d get to be the first to make a “The Point” joke and you beat me to it. GAH! “This is the town and these are the people…”

And yet democrats are dumber. Verbal intelligence is correlated with socially and economically liberal beliefs - ScienceDirect

Which is no surprise since concepts children understand are beyond a large percentage of voting age leftists.

Oh, another zinger! Yours have about as much zing as the glass of seltzer that has been sitting on the sideboard since last week.