What happened to the SDMB?

Seriously concerned.

All I’ve seen lately are posts akin to these;

1.) Russia is to blame for everything!
2.)White people are to blame for all that goes wrong in society and everything is racist.
3.)Anyone who voted for Trump has a moral and intelligence deficiency because “we are the unequivocal elite standard of morality and intelligence”.
4.)Ignoring crime statistics and therefore inconvenient facts.
5.)Police are agents of evil. + The justifying of breaking laws.

Even GQ has a deficiency of in-depth topics lately.

Inevitable insults?

What gives? Isn’t there anything else to talk about these days or has it dried up?

Nothing’s dried up you joining-last-year-and-questioning-longevity fuckweasel.
And while there’s another avenue for me to say it: Fuck Donald Trump and anyone that isn’t up in arms about him.

Those topics themselves really aren’t your problem. What you’re concerned by is that not enough people here agree with you that (1j there was no foreign interference on Trump’s behalf in the election, (2) that racism is no longer a major problem in America, (3) that there’s no reason to be upset anything Trump has thus far done or said, (4) that statistics prove that minorities are generally more criminal than white people, and (5) that the police and justice system are fair and colorblind.

In which case, perhaps a specifically conservative forum without dissent, like Reddit’s the_donald, would put you in a better mood?

  1. I haven’t noticed this. Other than the occasional joke, or in reference to Trump (where it seems accurate)
  2. I think you exaggerate a bit. But if we’re talking in generalities, I’m okay trashing white people now and again.
  3. There is no excuse that justifies voting for Trump. None, and it’s not debatable.
  4. Not sure what you mean. Are there a lot of threads about crime statistics I’m missing out on?
  5. Most threads on police misconduct have obligatory comments about “most police don’t do this, but…” While the number of “bad” cops is undoubtedly small, a much larger number won’t condemn the bad ones. That’s a real problem.

I do miss the days where the big controversy was about shaving pubic areas or placement of tattoos.

We’ve lost our way! :frowning: Seriously, what sort of responses are you hoping for?

It’s Trumpism. Baby Donald broke the glass, people are basically rotten and now everyone thinks it’s ok to show it. The anti-Trumpers are just as bad as the fools who like him.

Been a longtime lurker, many many years. It has changed a bit.

Ambivalid Any general responses, just curious.

I’m sorry, this can’t go unchallenged. That’s just crazy talk. There is nothing “rotten” about screaming from the rooftops that Trump is an incompetent, immoral, disgusting, ass.

It kept Hillary out so that’s a good thing.

If you’re disturbed by a perceived shortage of thought-provoking and intelligent discussions, start some thought-provoking and intelligent threads instead of ones for your kvetching, you lazy sack o’ crap.

… is what comes to mind.

Meh maybe I frequent the wrong sub-forums/sections. As for #4, I meant that some arguments wind up using polar opposites for cites, like HuffPo or Breitbart (both being wrong) instead of more neutral cites for statistics and ignoring ones they don’t like (again, both sides).

Lol @ the controversy part. Much more lighthearted stuff :cool:

That’s fair.

I usually just reply to automotive stuff in GQ. Still more of a lurker.

How could what you think she would do is worse than the shit-flinging gibbering idiot who’s in the WH?

Trumps antics does have a tendency to dominate everything. That’s no more a sign of the SDMB deteriorating than if a plague of alien unicyclists accosting a new public service every third day lead to a lot of talk about aliens, unicyclists and public services.

The rest is all a result of your selection bias.

Hey, this thread isn’t for engaging in pointless political discussion, it’s apparently about why we engage in pointless political discussion. It’s like moving up a level in Inception, or down a level, or however the fuck that movie worked.

We have a President and ruling party that is indifferent to accuracy, inaccuracy, or even consistency. That explains the topics addressed on a board devoted to fighting ignorance.

“Billy, look, you just tell them and they believe it. That’s it: you just tell them and they believe. They just do”.

  • Donald Trump

A gutless goddamned coward got elected and a lot of people are done listening to his insane lies. That’s what happened.

I think you’re exaggerating a bit. It’s not that some posters don’t say those things, but you could also find more moderate voices on all those topics (“Russia is to blame for some things, and here’s why I think so…”). If you want to get to the bottom of those topics, just ask, and pay attention to the posters who answer, not just the ones who take the most extreme positions.

If there’s anything else you’d like to talk about, feel free to start a thread.

I agree the problem seems to be you.

Ah, a concern troll!

I believe the answer is, either something Very Bad and totally inexplicable has happened to the SDMB, or it’s you.

And since all five points in your OP are false and are a product of your delusional imagination, and since IIRC I believe it’s already been established that you’re a right-wing government-hating gun-worshiping moron of a Trumpist persuasion, I think “it’s you” is a pretty good bet.

The only half-truth in any of those points is the first part of #3, “Anyone who voted for Trump has a moral and intelligence deficiency”, a self-evident fact, but the “because …” part is another one of your delusions. It’s also incompetent writing. One might say “intellectual deficiency” or “intelligence deficit”, but “intelligence deficiency” is the sort of thing Trump might say, or someone who votes for him.