Dunning-Kruger Overdrive

Is it just me or has the SDMB been visited lately by an influx of people who not merely ignorant or deluded or trolls (which is par for the course and from various viewpoints could describe many of us to some degree) but who actively espouse arguments that are so fundamentally flawed that the people espousing them don’t seem to understand them properly?

Let me be clear: I’m not talking about political or religious disagreements, contentious issues with evidence on either side, opinion pieces, calculated misinformation campaigns in support of an agenda, or yer basic trolling. No, I’m talking about those folks who charge in, declare that they are the owners of the real and only scientific truth, demand evidence for the opposing position which they then either ignore entirely or nitpick semantic points whilst ignoring the rest, and then declare victory. I’m talking about arguments that would fall over in a stiff breeze. I’m talking folks like this guy, like this guy, or a couple (but not all) of these guys. I’m talking about people who exemplify the Dunning-Kruger effect to a T.

I know we always get an influx of summer vacation interns of idiocy around this time of year but I don’t recall this particular approach being so prevalent. Can’t we spray for these people or set out traps or something? I’m getting a little tired of the proliferation of bulletproof ignorance.

And, oh look, there’s a new guy with a 9/11 conspiracy theory…

Put out glue traps for them then we can cackle at their struggles to free themselves.

Inspired by the mouse murdering thread

And yes, there does seem to be an unnaturally large proliferation of these morons.

Maybe there’s something about SDMB that attracts them? Like moths to a flame?

Well I suppose free memberships are like breadcrumbs to a troll.

It’s getting fucking sad:frowning:

I find them mildly entertaining.

Comes in waves and we just happen to be experiencing another wave.

I suspect it’s that ‘fighting ignorance’ thing. They think they’re on to some special truth and they believe we’ll either acknowledge it or they can share it with us.

The Death Pool was featured on some web talk show thing.
It always brings in the riff-raff.

Remember when coming in waves used to be fun? :frowning:

There’s enough Troll food here to feed an army. People can’t resist feeding them, and the trolls can’t resist lining up at the trough.

I blame the feeders as much, if not more, than the fed.

I think it is the economy. Every time it takes a dip, states are forced to let more inmates out of the asylum.

:confused: How can we ever hope to break the lightspeed barrier without the Dunning-Kruger Overdrive?! Continue the research, I say!

As usual, “theory” is much too strong a word.

So, anyone else think Kennedy wasn’t a US citizen when he was appointed president?

Stupidity, the only thing that travels faster than light.

Okay, there’s a new guy with a link to a video, an inadequate description of its contents and an inability to understand basic concepts of physics, logic or grammar.

He was a Japanese national.
Look at all the tie he spent in the South Pacific!

It’s the same principle as Wile E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner off a cliff and not falling until he looks down. If sufficient self-oblivious stupidity can be harnessed, the speed of light can be exceeded by sheer obliviousness to the fact that doing so is impossible!

I for one immediately propose that we budget $47 trillion dollars for research into the SSOS Drive.

Or ever finish takin’ care of business?

And with SSOS Economics, we’ll actually be able to afford it!