Mod note for on-topic post

It’s just a note but I think there is some bias with it. You ignore the personal attacks on me in that thread, yet you note me for responding to the proposal in the OP? You want to enforce a point of view? Fine. Your board your rules. Even if they are seemingly in a state of chaos and enforced arbitrarily.

But are you really suggesting that an on topic response is derailing? If I respond to an untrue personal insult in ATMB now I’m the one to blame? I disagree that an all woman panel is the solution to the misogyny epidemic. I might be wrong. That doesn’t mean I’m misogynistic, trolling, “jerkish!1”, or any of the other non moderated insults directed at me. That means merely I may be wrong. I suppose your demand for 100% agreement with a point of view also extends to solutions and commentary?

If so I suppose I am banned from the site or ATMB or wherever you decide because I am not going to agree 100% with each proposed solution.

I don’t care if you agree or disagree with each proposed solution. That’s fine. It is your tendency to derail every thread on this topic which has become a consistent problem in ATMB.

I would prefer not to topic ban you (or anyone else) in ATMB. Figure out a way to state your opinion without derailing every thread you post to regarding misogyny. If you can’t do that, then you will be topic banned for it in ATMB.

I understand you’re limiting the scope to ATMB because you mod this forum, but if it does get to the point where you feel it’s appropriate to enforce a topic ban, I hope you and the other mods will consider making it for the whole board. Doing it for one forum seems pretty pointless, as he’ll just keep derailing threads in all the other areas of the board.

I know mods are very leery about limiting speech on the boards, but I’d like them to consider what a board-wide topic-ban for octopus and Starving Artist and a few others would do for the quality of discussion. If some limits on speech here lead to more varied and substantive conversations, instead of the same derailments over and over, I’d consider that a good trade.

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My statement of an opinion is not the derailment. The quasi-organized response and deliberate mischaracterization of my argument and the endless response with a brigade is what makes it look like I’m the instigator.

Of course, my responses will be more numerous! That only follows when it’s one of me vs a multiple of snarkers who are snarking. I can’t control how others are going to respond. But when I am on topic and modded and people insult me directly and that is ignored and part of the same group comes into this thread and goes off topic I think I have a legitimate complaint.

Expecto you just got warned for personal insults. Do you need a board wide topic ban for an inability to follow rules?

Don’t talk to me, please.

You and your cohort, try as you might, don’t rule this forum. You advocating broad sanctions on me, when I follow the rules, merits a response. Especially in my thread.

Anyways, thanks engineer_comp_geek for the response. I’ll keep your advice in mind.

What cohort do you mean?

And what does that have to do with someone asking you not to address her?

I’m not sure you can dictate who speaks to whom on these forums. You folks are proving my point. Now watch me get noted for “derailing” this thread.

Explain the cohort comment?


And if you’re wary of that, I continue to offer my idea: just force them to have that discussion in one single thread in GD, and no longer be able to hijack other threads about it.

Heck, just do that for everyone. It really is the same conversation over and over, so why can’t it be in one single thread?

(Note, I do prefer the topic ban, but I thought you might want something a little less harsh.)


It does seem to be your whole purpose. A great many threads you post in you get turned into them being about you. Very much like Dio did.


That’s some nice trivia. But let me tell you something, it may come as a surprise, I’m responsible for my posts. I’m not responsible for your posts. I’m not responsible for the posts of people who call other posters jerks or trolls. I’m not responsible for modding or not modding those personal insults. I’m not responsible for people who deliberately distort what they read. Or post accusations as questions. Or call posters child rapists. You’d think in this climate falsely calling another a child rapist would be frowned upon.

I’m responsible for my posts and if I am following the rules and posting on topic and others aren’t the fault for derailing a thread logically belongs to? Remember, we ALL have agency and we have responsibility for our OWN actions.