Trolls RU Again, The sequel

Following in the footsteps of this wise poster

I am splitting off a new thread for troll watching. This is where to discuss trolling.

And how are you going to prevent the Usual Suspect from fouling this nest as well?

It will happen, sooner or later. Hopefully we’ll get several months of life out of this.

Third try I guess.

I wonder if it’s possible to make this thread a special creation, excluding any discussion by or of… certain posters (to be named for the purposes of express exclusion only, and then no more).

Declare this a No Ink Zone?

Number two pencils only. Like a scantron!

You could try asking Miller, but I imagine it would be a pain in the ass to enforce. It would probably avoid posting in this thread if told not to, but it would no doubt be mentioned by other posters who forgot or were unaware of the DMZ (de-molluscified zone).

It’s weird to think something so soft and easily damaged is classed the same as those with hard shells.

I can’t imagine the mods would go for an exclusion zone. It would go against the whole point of the Pit. Let’s just try and Beetlejuice this bad boy if we can.

I would expect we’d have to just enforce it ourselves. We can’t keep him out, of course, but we could just not talk about him or to him. And, if someone does slip up, remind them to take the conversation to his dedicated thread.

If people could do that, we wouldn’t have trolls at all.

I’d say that the issue with trolls is that we don’t all agree not to talk to them. Heck, we don’t usually all agree they’re trolls.

I’m suggesting we could agree now, in this thread. If this many people want this to be an octopus-free thread, then we can make it ourselves. And, as people do inevitably slip up, remind them to take it elsewhere.

And, if we can’t agree, then there’s no point in worrying about it at all. Why would the mods enforce if if we can’t agree that we shouldn’t talk to him?

I think it’s worth a shot, if people really want it.

I think octopus trolls, but I’m not convinced he is a troll.

By this I mean I don’t think he posts with intent to rile people up. I think octopus himself is riled up.

Hanlon’s razor.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

No he clearly does. If his only contribution to a topic is to complain about how awful the community is, what do you think the intent is other than to piss people off? Especially with one of his canned “hive” comments.

Not that every post is like that, but the majority are.

If you all want an octopus free thread in the pit, it’s simple, leave me out of the thread. I can play nice if you all can… :heart:

Who are you guys talking about? Is it that concern troll, kedikat, who has pivoted from weeks and weeks of insisting Russia’s war in Ukraine is righteous and it really is sad NATO provoked it, to “Oh gosh, I hope the Ukrainian military doesn’t advance took quickly because, you know, they might over-extend and then the Russian’s could counter-counterattack.”

I will admit. I almost didn’t respond. Because you are correct.

As I said, you aren’t always trolling.

Great job, you lured it in! Now everyone clear out of here and with any luck @Miller will be able to lock this thread with the soft-skinned mollusk still trapped inside.

That’s how locking threads work, right?