Trolls R Us Resurrections

I don’t have any trolls to report but we’ve completely lost our last troll thread, so I’m hoping we can start again with a new one while the old one devolves into the same group of people bickering.

If you see any actual trolling going on, this is where to discuss it.

What’s best practice for specifying a troll’s post without summoning then here?

I think “Check out ObviousTroll’s performance in the XYZ thread in IMHO” works to point folks in the right direction.

Thanks, OP!

Oh thank og. Good call.

Yeah, I shy away from referencing a poster using the “at” symbol, eg @AT-AT.

Because many members get alerts, and watch for those so they can swoop into any thread to defend themselves. Then, like so many “I pit Jimboboyo” threads, it can turn into “Jimboboyo attacks his attackers and feels like, if he can ‘win’ against them, he’s ipso facto lameo, innocent of trolling.”

I don’t find it unwelcome, but I’m a bit surprised it was this time that resulted in a new thread, and not all the other times.

Agreed, as long as XYZ is specific enough that a search could find the thread. That said, you can also just always put a bare URL in the thread surrounded by ` marks, like this

Thanks, OP. I was going to make a post (just one) back in the original thread expressing my disappointment that the entire thread had totally gone to shit, but it just would have gotten lost in all the noise. That was a truly historic derailing. Never seen anything like it.

Love the change to the original thread title over there, BTW. :smiley:

We’ve had some long derailments before, but I think just throwing in the towel was the right choice.

I’m glad people aren’t pissed at me for having the cajones to open a new thread.

I was going to report the hijack but I thought, fuck it, this is the Pit, not GD or anything. And people are blowing off steam and bickering in the right forum at least.

That one was brutal. The wall of words should probably be a 1 day suspension offense*.

*(I kid, but just barely)

I don’t believe I’ve ever scrolled through a thread muttering “tl:dr, tl:dr, tl:dr” before. I get here today and there’s 94 more posts in that thread! Jesus. I’ll pass.

What gets me is that they were essentially hairsplitting an extreme hypothetical that has all 7 billion people on Earth ceasing to exist except for one last male and female. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

I think you missed a good chance for the title

Trolls R Us Insurrection

I’m concerned talking about what’s going on in that thread might defeat the purpose of this one. I know I was tempted to respond to what you just said.

I mean, right now we have 15 posts, and not a single one actually reporting a troll. The other thread currently has a better troll to noise ratio.

In the spirit of this new thread, I’m still surprised octopus is still around. He really seems to hate this place, constantly derails threads (can we please stop feeding him?) and almost never adds anything useful to any thread he participates in. Nearly all of his posts, here or at ATMB are meta-posts about other posts. And, his contributions in GD and P&E are all about the howling woke mobs that are worse that Stalin, Hitler, and Mao combined.

I believe the appropriate statement in the common vernacular is that this is a place “he loves to hate”. I see much of what he does as performance art that is mainly intended to demonstrate his alleged superiority over the “hive mind”. It has apparently never occurred to him that his efforts to do this are consistently abysmal failures.

For some reason octopus doesn’t bother me quite as much as some other assholes, most of whom mercifully are no longer with us. But that’s probably only because I don’t interact with him much. I just see a pink octopus wearing a top hat and move on.

Not as surprised as he must be, with all his claims of biased moderation and the board looking to throw out dissenting voices.

If he had a point, he’d be long gone by now.

Your post couldn’t illustrate the utter cluelessness and lack of self awareness that the hive mind possesses any more perfectly.

:+1: :smiley: :+1: