Light pitting of EastUmpqua (spun off Troll R Us thread)

This very peculiar individual in now engaged in a spirited defense of Ron DeSantis in the “Ron DeSantis is a fascist” thread over in P&E. Claims to have studied atmospheric science. Showed that he knows nothing about it. Now weighing in on DeSantis with equivalent authority. One of our strangest trolls, for sure.

I don’t think EU is a strange troll, just a strange poster.

No argument from me; he sure seemed to be trolling in the old climate change thread, but that was in the Pit. He’s a bit more restrained in the DeSantis thread. In any case, the key word in “strange troll” is definitely more “strange” than “troll”, with a big splash of “annoying”. :space_invader:

And just not that smart. Sort of self-aware about it, with promises to go away and read about something, but frustrating to debate with.

Promises to go away for awhile and think about all the evidence and arguments…then comes back later and starts all over again with the same ignorant bullshit as if it was being brought up for the first time.

Yeah, well, not that smart. They can’t even tell when they directly contradict themself.

They can tell…but they don’t give a flying fuck because for the purpose of interrupting the flow of conversation it works almost every damn time.

The climate change thread I linked to above is a remarkable display of abject stupidity both on the part of the OP (who currently seems to be on some kind of permanent suspension) and on the part of EastUmpqua trying to defend its brilliance. When I pointed out a few basic indisputable facts about climate science that contradicted this idiocy, EastUmpqua accused me of Googling stuff that I didn’t understand.

Which brings me to the thing I just quoted. Is there any difference between a “real” troll and someone who repeatedly acts like a troll? Because that sure was trollish behaviour, and now we’re seeing it in the Elon Musk thread and, arguably, in the Ron DeSantis thread.

Not for the purposes of being banned from the SDMB, as far as I know.

I must admit that on a purely personal level this is the sort of thing that makes my blood boil:

To be fair, I have a tendency to write somewhat formally when I launch into technical subjects, which may give a moron the impression that it was copied from somewhere. Also to be fair, EU apologized later “for being a dick”. But this kind of accusation really rankles me. My interactions with EU in that thread left a lasting impression. Since then there’s been a recurrence of similar behaviour, followed by similar backing-off. Whether this is trolling, stupidity, or just plain weirdness is unclear.

I’d say stupidity and weirdness.

Hey @wolfpup I apologize that I said you chased my buddy @Spaquaman away from SD. I know you and I have had discussions about Canada’s health-care system, especially with respect to Canada’s development of a vaccine. My sister lives in Rossland, BC. The US health-care system isn’t perfect, but neither is Canada’s. I think you’re about the same age as me. Live long and prosper.

The US health care system is an abomination.
“Not perfect” my ass. You are either one of the dumbest fucks I’ve ever met, or you’re a troll.

Use your judgment. I just want to say that I don’t intend to make more than just the one comment below. No one wants this thread to be so hijacked that we need yet a second resurrection! :wink:

I have the impression that you’re of a conservative/Republican inclination, though I could be wrong. But the above useless truism seems to confirm that view.

Let me put it this way. You might have one person who is a paraplegic and also has terminal lung cancer, and another person with an ingrowing toenail, and you can make the point that “no one’s health is perfect”. It’s just imperfections in different ways, amirite?

Heh, now you can be said to have dragged him into the pit.

Well, kinda… if you ignore context and timelines and all.

Nyah, they’re a self-declared “enlightened centrist”. :rofl:

I think by having been dragged in to the pit, you mean letting go of civil discussion, so now you get to say whatever vile shit you want to say about anyone on any topic. But that’s ok in the Pit. The Pit is a troll echo-chamber. Of course I understand this. I hope everyone gets that this is just entertainment. Actual intellectual discussions about topics belong in threads outside the Pit. The Pit is for assholes to agree or disagree with one another. I’m here, so I’m not claiming to be on a high horse :crazy_face:

No, you’re dropping out of it’s back end.

So, when I “dragged” you to the pit, what vile shit did I say about you?

Plenty of worthwhile conversations are had in the pit.

This is actually pretty far from the truth. Very, very far, in fact.

No, you are not. But, you also have no high horse to be on outside the pit either. Like I said, you are either an asshole and kinda stupid, or you are a really big asshole who pretends to be stupid. Either way, it’s pretty rare that you manage a post that contributes to a thread (not saying that there are none, as there have been a couple things you’ve said in science related threads that weren’t pure fuckery) meaningfully and most tend to detract from it as you throw out lots of unsupported and often completely irrelevant claims that other posters have to waste their time to unpack. If you ever learned anything and got better, it would be worthwhile, but it doesn’t seem as though you have any interest in personal growth.

It’s for both. We have some pretty good discussions here at times. It took me years to notice that. Of course, we sometimes call each other fucking assholes in those threads at times, and then there are threads devoted just to griping or flaming someone (on or off the board).

But no, sometimes there are really good chats here, believe it or not. Even heartwarming threads where a person rants about how shitty something is and gets sincere support and comfort from the community.

The Pit can be goddamn weird.