America Rising Movement

I am wondering what the dopers think About the America Rising movement. It seems their idea, or purpose is to look for anything negative against any politician that is Liberal, and pull them down.

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samclem, moderator

It’s disgusting and belittles the entire process of fair political debate. And even worse they stole the idea from the Democrats.

The only link to them I can find googling is this thread, so they don’t exactly seem to be taking the world by storm, who ever or what ever they are.

Hmm…run by Romney’s campaign manager. There’s a figure sure to strike fear into the hearts of Democrats.

But in anycase, sounds like its just a group to do opposition research. Not exactly breaking new ground.

Could they maybe pick a name that sounds a little less like a brownshirt movement?

And I’m thinking the American Bridge people stole the idea from the Stupid Republican Idea of the Day thread.


“Committee for State Security” was already taken.

I’m all for pulling liberals down, but I read conservative magazines and frequent conservative web sites regularly, and I’ve never even heard of “America Rising.”

If they’re supposed to be the Next Big Thing, they’re not doing a very good job.

America Rising Movement sounds like a plugged-up toilet.

Apparently they are just starting, the fellows that were interviewed looked like in their twenties. It seemed to me from what they said they hope to put a Conservative in government jobs, including the Presidency.

Thanks for the responses. I didn’t think it was a topic to be argued, just wanted younger people’s opinion.

Scanning the article it will be a combination of research and funding:

The PAC has a link but looks to be a work in progress.

You wanted younger people’s opinions and you came to the Dope? What are you, 80?

I am over 80!

Sounds to me like an anti-erectile dysfunction movement.

Grass rises, astroturf doesn’t

Indeed. If your America is Rising for more than 4 hours, seek medical attention immediately.