American bottled beer drinkers.

Do you guys have screw top beer bottles, I’ve seen people in American tv progs simply twist the top off their bottles ergo the bottles do have screw tops or they’re just being macho.

Some cheapo American “beers” have screw-top bottles. Most good beers have proper tops.

Yeah…the “popular” (eg, piss) beers have twist off caps, but they’re not like a soda bottle or anything…once it’s off, it’s off. Pretty much all microbrews, and some decent American beers that started as microbrews have standard caps.


Pete’s (not piss) and I believe Sierra Nevada (microbrew, most definitely not piss) both have screw-tops.

It does lead to an anoying period for many American. When we are poor ass high school and college students we get accostomed to screw off tops. Then as we get jobs and are able to afford better beer there is an adjustment period of trying to rip a non-screw cap off. This leads to much blood and a scar across the fat part below the thumb. Although if drunk enough you can get the cap off with your hand. :slight_smile:

Or you can use a lighter to pop it off. Seriously. If you grab the top of the bottle like your making a fist, and then rest the end of the lighter on the top of your index finger, but underneath the metal cap, you can leverage the thing off with one twist of the free-hand.

An old bar trick I learned that leaves the drunks in awe.

yeah but each lighter is only good for about ten beers. After that the bottom is to chewed up to work anymore. And it sucks when you scape into the chamber and get a face full of cow-ass gas. :slight_smile:

You’re thinking methane I think, not butane. :slight_smile:

Two methods I use for opening standard beer bottles without an opener:

  1. The best method. Prise the side of the cap up with a key. Don’t use the end of the key (it’s too thick). Use one of the protruding parts of the locking surface. You only need to work your way around less than half of the circumference of the cap, and then you’ll be able to flick it off with your thumb. It can be done in three or four seconds if you’re good at it.

  2. Hook the bottle over the edge of something hard and with a sharpish edge (like the side of a filing cabinet, or the top of a steel locker). Make a fist with your other hand and simply bang down hard on the lid, being sure to hold the bottle tightly. This is the quickest way by far (1 sec), but it can result in the occasional broken bottle.

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