American captured in Afghanistan

What treatment can he expect?

Well, we’re a signatory to the Geneva Convention, so I’m sure his captors will abide by those rules.

Not so sure his captors have signed it.

That was sarcasm, I believe.

Maybe they’ll kkep him deprived of sleep, force him into stress positions, flush his Bible down the toilet, who know, I’m sure they can learn from sterling American treatment of prisoners…

unfortunately, it’s more likely he’ll be ransomed or killed outright.

I would hope that he gets the same kind of treatment that some people claim is so awful in Guantanamo. However, he won’t be so lucky. The irony is that the people that need to recognize the irony in this situation will refuse to acknowledge it.

So because the other side is brutal, we’re allowed to be brutal too, even if we’re not QUITE as bad as they are?

Somehow, I think our standards should be better than, “Well, we’re not as bad as THEY are.”