American Casino TV Show

On the most recent episode of this show on the Travel Channel, the hotel operations manager Michael Tata suddenly passes away. Although he actually died more than a year ago, the episode just aired. My question is, did they ever disclose the cause of his death? Also everyone made height/short jokes about him. How tall was the guy really to be made fun of that much?

You must be watching some really old re-runs. I don’t watch the show regularly, but happened to catch that episode when it ran…at least a year ago if not longer.

Coincidentally, I live about 2 miles from Green Valley Ranch Casino where it is filmed. Great place. Anyway, when news of Tata’s death hit the press here, it didn’t take long to discover the cause of death. He was mixing some pretty heavy duty pills and a few strong drinks at home. I don’t think they implied suicide, but it was apparently a foolhardy mixture and something he should have known better than to have done.

I don’t meant that as a slur against him. He seemed to be a decent enough guy, though I certainly would never have wanted to work for him.

Any idea how tall he was?

So all the episodes airing on the Travel channel every wednesday night at 8pm must be re-runs. I feel like a fool.

No idea how tall he was. And don’t beat yourself up for falling for re-runs as first runs. One of the stations had a promo once that said, “if you haven’t seen them, they aren’t reruns”…actually, I went to the Travel Channel site and you are seeing the entire first season (to get you all hyped up for season two). But it looks like I was wrong and the episode dealing with his death was in April (!?). Kinda surprised by that as I could have sworn it was a year or so ago…but time seems to be flying. Where did that summer go…

In the episode you can see his memorial stating July 6th 2004 death.