American Chopper is coming back

That’s right. Time to beat this dead horse a few more times.
American Chopper is coming back. :rolleyes:

Paul jr. is opening his on shop and hiring several old OCC employees. The new series will feature both shops. Obviously milking the father/son feud for all they can.

American Chopper was a great show the first three seasons. It started slipping after that. I only watched a few episodes of the last two seasons. They were repeating the same stuff week after week. I thought the show ran out of gas two seasons ago.

I probably won’t watch regularly. But, train wrecks are hard to ignore. :wink:

The feud between father/son is real. Paul jr. owned part of OCC and he’s suing his dad.

It’s another reason I won’t be watching the new show. This is getting pretty ugly and it’s a real family tragedy.

I want to see the episode when “Big” Pauley brains “Little” Pauly with a wrench-and gets ahuled off to jail!

I wish they would give Vinny his own show. I liked him a hell of a lot better that the Teutels.

It is strange that the shop people always worked around Paul Senior and treated him like a dinosaur. His orders were generally ignored unless he was looking over their shoulder. Then he would get frustrated and walk away. They would then resume doing what they were before he wasted more time playing expert.

I respect Paul Sr.'s sobriety, but there’s a reason the AA people have the phrase “dry drunk”. Some people can quit drinking but not lose the mental attitude that creates chaos.

Who is it who’s lost his family? Who doesn’t see the mother of his children, or even his children much any more? Who’s known to try to control people to the point of resentment?

I can’t really watch this any more, as it’s just sad.

Second this. I might just watch and episode or two if Junior brought Vinny in.