American Dopers, Liberal or Conservitive?

With apologies, I would like to keep this US centric, as European attitudes can be very different.

Simple question, please no commentary.

Do you consider yourself a liberal or a conservative? Please refrain from bashing current or previous administrations, just a straight up answer.


Conservative. Mostly.


Neither. Middle of the road Libertarian.

I can’t say for sure. I lean liberal on some issues, conservative on others. My voting history, however, would definitely nail me as a yellow dog democrat. In American terms that makes me liberal.


Although there are some that would quibble over that label.

Liberal. Exremely. In the classical tradition.

Moderately left of center liberal

Screaming, ranting, foaming-at-the-mouth, furious with the way things are going, donating to Obama AND Hillary, liberal.

Was that too subtle?




Way out in left field liberal.

Libertarian leaning conservative.

Conservative with some radical (far left) positions.

I’m about 70% libertarian and 30% conservative.


Liberal leaning independent.

I think of myself as a Ben Stein conservative, except that I’m pro-choice. The freepers would think of me as a screaming liberal.