American Family Association bigots disrupt first-ever Hindu prayer in Senate

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Shiva forgive us.

Damn. You beat me to it. I’ll vent later when I can do it uninterrupted by work.

Man, I know I’m naive when it comes to a lot of things, but… I didn’t know the Senate opened each session with a prayer.

Why hasn’t there been a stink raised about this in the past (at least on this level)?

There has. The Supremes have declared such practices “ceremonial deism,” which is supposed to mean that it doesn’t really mean anything religious, it’s just a custom or ceremony.

I say bollocks, but I don’t wear the robes.

Was THAT who it was protesting? Holy crap.

Although, what the hell is a Hindu-American? Is Joe Lieberman a Jewish-American? Is Ted Kennedy a Catholic-American? Since when were we linking religion to nationality? :confused:

An American who is a practicing Hindu, yes, yes, and for decades now, in some quarters.

Wow, I’m with you there. I could call a duck a pig, but it’s still a freakin’ duck.


What Would Jesus Disrupt?

Just seems to be more divisive silliness to me, trying to pigeonhole people on the basis of their religion. Lieberman, Kennedy, Zed, they’re all Americans. What religion they practice is moot.

I don’t mean to steer this thing away from the OP, but geez! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone referred to as “Baptist-American”. I wonder why that is?

Dudes, you don’t fuck with someone called Director Zed.

Am I the only one who went to that link, saw a blurry photo of someone in bright orange with their head bowed, and thought “hey, they arrested one of the protestors, and there he is in bright orange prison garb with his head bowed in shame”?
In any case, to the protestor who said “I am a Christian and patriot”, you’re a poor excuse for one, and a hollow shell of the other.

As a believer in religious liberty, I’m outraged and disgusted at this bigoted protest.

As a believer in religious liberty, I’m also a little bit pleased about it. The more the theocratic bigots make it plain that they’re unwilling to tolerate other religions, the more likely it is that this “ceremonial deism” crap will be recognized as inappropriate in the context of a secular government.

Let everybody who wants to pray pray all they want. Let’s not have our ostensibly secular and tolerant government officially sponsoring and directing it, though.

I’ve never heard that particular , but on the other hand, I’ve heard any number of people (including, apparently, the protestors being pitted here) attempt to specifically link being an American with being a Christian, which goes to ivylass’s question about since when we’ve been linking religion to nationality.

As for Hindu-American, I honestly don’t see why this is a noteworthy construction. There are citizens of this country who are Hindus. Consequently, there will be issues that effect them because they are Hindus, that will not effect other Hindus because they don’t live in this country. So, Hindu-American is a useful label to describe the group that will be effected by whatever issue is under discussion. Why is this an issue for anyone?

Serious argument out of the way, I just want to state my hope that the director of interfaith relations from Reno opens his call to prayers with, “Kneel before Zed!”

Do we know who the protesters were?

Zed’s dead, baby.

Man, what a bunch of intolerant fucks those guys in the gallery were!!

Yeah, but I don’t know if three constitutes a bunch. Then again, had they not been arrested, I wonder how many more would have joined in.

So they are mootist-american then.

It was only 3? I guess in any group of 300M people there are going to be 3 nut-cases.

You’ve never heard the term “Jewish-American Princess”?