American Gladiators finale

Anybody else watch it? I thought it was gladiator-tastic.

They wasted about half an hour of the two hour finale on annoying retrospectives of the contenders, but it was tolerable. The men’s Joust round was quite brutal.

I was disappointed that they didn’t introduce any new events for the championship. I would have loved to see a round of Maze or Cannonball or the totally awesome upside-down velcro race one. Oh well. Maybe next season.

It was a lot of fun! I can’t see the winners as new Gladiators, though - too small. I was totally pulling for each of the winners. Too loudly! The dogs started barking at me. :slight_smile:

I was a little disappointed that

The history teacher didn’t win

…as I really liked him. But there was nobody to really root against, as all the super-annoying people got eliminated in the preliminary rounds. (Like Ms. As-A-Life-Coach. I was jumping out of my seat when she got her ass anded to her.)

I watched part of it–but since I think the part which appealed to me took up less than a quarter of the 2 hour show, I missed large portions of it. I really, really, really dislike the whole “American Gladiators are my heros and I want to be one” and the rest of the inspirational crap.

I just want to see them compete.

I thought it was awesome, but DAMN there were a lot of commercials. My mom was complaining about them over-building suspense. And they talked too much. I was like, Evan, yeah, your mom is dead and you’re doing this for her. Shut up and compete already. … I know, I’m heartless.

I was totally rooting for Alex, but I knew Evan would win. He was just too fast. I don’t think he’ll make a good gladiator, but Monica isn’t that much smaller than, say, Crush.


Less inspiration. More Joust. I automatically cheer against any competitor who cries.

I would watch an hour long TV show called “Joust” that was nothing but Joust. You wouldn’t even need gladiators. You pick 16 people at random out of the crowd and do a single elimination tournament and the winner gets $50,000 and everyone else get soaked. If that means a 54-year-old guy witha weight problem and a bad heart is going up against a 17-year-old girl afriad of getting hi in the face, well, that’s the way it goes.

Loved it. I totally called Evan’s win, mostly because I didn’t like Alex. It was a little disappointing when no one got stuck on the Travelater again, that’s always the best part.

I think Wolf and Titan have each found their specialties. Has anyone else noticed that Wolf is the only gladiator they really let talk? Must be because he’s the only one that has anything good to say. They did leave in Justice’s “You can’t outrun a ball” bit this time.

I learned recently that Justice’s real name is actually Justice. Seems kinda lazy.

I enjoyed the first few shows, but the season got tiresome pretty quick, especially due to the style of editing where they quit right before the event (Gladiator ready? Yes! Contender Ready? Yes! And now a commercial!) The nostalgia was fun for awhile, but that female announcer is annoying, the motivational blah-blah is too pervasive, and the ‘Deal or No Deal’ editing and suspense is just aggravating. I had the finale on, but I drifted away to the computer out of boredom.

really? This is all I found on it.

Although he is credited as Justice Smith, his real first name is Jesse. IMDb states he is credited in various TV shows as both Jesse Smith and Justice Smith.

I Tivoed it and sped through everything but the actual events. Much more enjoyable (and shorter) that way.

I too am wondering how the winners could possibly be suitable for gladiators next season. The woman at least has a better chance, since this time around they went more for lean and toned women, not 'roided out women who look more like men. But the men? Holy shit they are 2-3 times the winner’s size! Are they going to force him to take steroids in the off-season? I guess if nothing else he can do the Wall no problem.

I dunno. He could catch the contender, but I don’t know if he could knock him off. I think that’s why they say they have a chance to be a gladiator.

Really? What are the qualifications?

Well, for one, they need a cheesy name like “Hellga”. Monica has “Mojo”, but Evan still needs to come up with something. Ideas?

The GF and I think Evan’s gladiator name will be “Hyper” or “Stick.”

As far as Mo Jo, man, I was rooting against her. She’s too happy. Yes, I said it. Too happy to the point of being really annoying.

I wish Titan wouldn’t do that thing with his thighs any more.

I wish we’d get more Hellga (I’m a sucker for braids).

But in all, I really like the show. But then again, I’ve always been a big Hogan fan. A game the GF and I play is to count how many times Hogan says “brother.” It’d make a hell of a drinking game. He apparently has more first degree male relatives than anybody else on the planet.

It may not hit the level of intimidation of the other gladiator names, but I took to calling Evan “Monkey Boy” after his impressive showing in anything involving climbing. And yes, I did do it in my best John Whorfin imitation. :slight_smile:

Maybe he’ll take something like “Lemur” or “Tamarin”. :slight_smile:

Tamarin … of DOOM!

yeah, I dunno either.