American Gladiators premiers SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY

Do you like watching over-muscled dudes in spandex getting knocked off pillars with giant Q-tips? How about running around an obstacle course while some crazy chick shoots you with tennis balls?

What about battling to the death inside a gigantic steel hamster ball?

If you’re a normal red-blooded American then the answer is YES! The new American Gladiators premiers Sunday night on NBC. I hope it will be just as good and ridiculous as the original.

Also, I think Helga may be a dude.

I will probably check it out. Somehow the new version seems more tawdry though.

More tawdry? Did you ever see the original? How is this even possible?

So friedo, your point is that a normal, red-blooded American should have homoerotic fantasies? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, just a very strong woman.

And apparently it’s Hellga.

I always wanted to compete on American Gladiators. As long as, say, I wasn’t actually competing against the American Gladiators.

Well who doesn’t?

That’s one hot man.

Yeah, I used to watch the original a lot. From what I’ve seen in the commercials, it looks like they’ve spent more money to look even more cheesy. Especially now that they can do lots of crappy CG effects overlaid on the live action, for the “benefit” of the viewer at home.

Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

God, I loved the original show. I’m already breaking out the popcorn for this.

I was almost hoping this would follow the tendency of some American game shows towards being EXTREEEEEEEME ™, sort of like fear factor, and other short lived shows that I can’t recall the name of that had various stunts that looked fairly unpleasant.

They could have it be a pretty brutal competition and occasionally have the gladiators beat the crap out of the contestants.

But it looks like they’re going for cheese.

IF you want extreme, you need to watch Japanese game shows. Those guys are nucking futz.

To be honest, I think she’s incredibly hot. We could wrestle…and it’d be nice to wrestle with someone who has a chance at beating me with whom I could have sex with afterwards. Unfortunately I’m not gay so the pickings are slim.

As for the actual show, I’m really excited about it and frankly that embarrasses me a little.

I totally loved the original show. And I was a freaking grad student at the time. I still miss Battle Dome, too.

I agree that it looks like they’ve cheesed it up a bit, but I still maintain hope that it might rule.

I was starting to think I was the only one who was starting to get a little excited for this.

Hopefully my Chargers will win earlier in the day, so I can watch the first episode with the right frame of mind… and not have to sulkily enjoy the awesomeness.

Even then, those are the old game shows from the 80’s and early 90’s that get re-run in America. Nowadays it’s much less violent unless you’re a comedian under contract.

Wrestle some of the guys and lose and the decision may be out of your hands, gay or not.

Especially since one of them has done gay porn, a Mister Alex Castro. Google if ye wish.

so this is Hollywood’s answer when writers go on strike. i’ll still watch though. i used to love the old show.

about the cheese factor. i get the impression that there is a fine line with a show like this. i hope they keep it cheese good and not cheese bad.

Will have eps?