American Idol 5/11 to 5/12

So…who is going home? Lauren or Haley? Is there even a ghost of a chance that James or Scotty will go?

I’m guessing Lauren… she’s good, but she’s not fearless, and that’s going to be the kiss of death for her.

I would really, really, like to see James go. I’m sick of him. I was sick of him the first time I heard him screech, or rather the first time I realized he was going to screech in every song ala Adam Lambert. I wouldn’t mind seeing Scotty go, but he doesn’t really bother me that much.
Out of the four Haley is my favorite by a looooong shot, the other three aren’t even on the map. The only person, IMHO on par with Haley was Casey.

Having said that. My prediction is that Haley leaves this week, Lauren next week and Scotty wins.

There, I said it, I think Scotty is going to be our AI this year.

I think Lauren has two things that keep her from getting voted off. Jimmy keeps talking her up and she’s got the cute southern thing working for her.

I agree that Scotty will win this season. If not, I still think he will have a more successful career than whoever the winner is.
What do you think Lady Gaga will bring to the group?

Cinnamon rolls.
The thing that’s getting annoying about Lauren is all the hype in the pre show sessions, and then her fearfully backing away during her performance. Haley has overtaken her.

Either guy, pure Country or Hard Rock may win, both would have careers without taking the top spot. I would rather see Haley win because of that.

This week Scotty or Lauren goes, the other leaves next week. James beats Haley in the finals.

In which I watch my first episode of the season while sitting around a hotel room on business travel:

James reminds me of dorky kids I knew in high school, who try to dress and act cool, but their doofiness glares through. Oh, and he shrieks like a Adam Lambert understudy.

Haley has no charisma or confidence, and she’s a weak singer, weaker at choosing that song, and she’s whiney.

Am I far off the mark so far?

Jebus. The first few words Scotty sang had me screaming “Change it! Change it!” at my husband like Beavis & Butthead.

Scotty made a good choice. I felt a little cynical when he announced his song, but not once he started singing.

You picked a bad song for your intro to Haley. She’s easily (IMHO) the best singer of the bunch, but she tends to stick to her guns and do songs that mean something to her rather then songs that showcase her vocals. Hopefully her second song will be a slam dunk. Something nice and bluesy to showoff that smokey voice.


Haley and Casey

I would love to spend the night in a small cigarette smoke filled piano bar drinking shitty beer watching the two of them put on a show.

Scotty’s aw-shucks-ness is probably genuine, but definitely annoying. Great vote pandering with the song choice, which he doesn’t need because he’s the first one I’ve heard who can actually sing (within his genre).

Lauren is less strong than Scotty in the same genre, and she can’t find a blue note to save her life. Still, the better of the two girls, and second best of the group in that round of songs.

Oh, and I miss seeing a judge that can offer criticism without wiffleballing it.

I’m itching to slap Lauren for making me hear that. Also, Steven should be fired.

I know a lot of people didn’t like this song, but I felt it really showed what Haley was capable of.

Listened to the first link, “Rolling in the Deep,” and it had a few good moments, but that growl comes off like a deliberate affectation at times. But at least I can see where she has some courage to explore a song and bit, and not just give a recital.

Is Lady Gaga wearing her Liza Minelli makeup?

No, that’s how she looks without anything on. It’s the reason she wears so much crap on her face on stage.

My god, am I about to start rooting for Haley this late in the game? :eek:

A good choice because a twangy song about America and/or God always gets slobbering praise regardless of how little talent the singer has.

I couldn’t watch Haley being raked over the coals by the judges again. Yes, it was a bad song choice, but at least she tried something different unlike Scotty and Lauren.
If she had stayed within her style, they would’ve criticized her for that too.

“I don’t want to say I’m evil.”

What a stupid, vapid bitch.

I don’t like any of them but Durbin. I find Haley really unctuous and affected, and that screaming thing she does is just irritating. She sounds like a seasick cow.

Scotty - just a prodigy of smarm.

Durbin is the only one I can stomach, and the unwillingness of the judges to rip makes their praise more and more empty every week. If Simon praised somebody it meant something. For these three, it means nothing. They would give the same praise to a cat if it was up there singing.