American Jesus Thread

American Jesus Thread

This is the thread to discuss the Mark Millar and Peter Gross trade that is set to be made into a film. The story will take place as a trilogy of trades with the first trade “Chosen” out now. The link below gets you the first full issue for free.

The story involves a twelve-year-old boy who suddenly discovers that he’s the returned Jesus Christ. So check out the first issue for free and discuss away.

I would suggest using “SPOILER” text before throwing out any of the major twists or turns that take place throughout the trade.

WTF is a trade?

And why the Pit?

Given the name “Mark Millar,” I expect a trade is a trade paperback–or, more properly, a graphic novel. Millar wrote a comic book series by that title a few years back. As for this being the Pit, I’ll lay odds it’s human error.

Ooooh, okie doke. I know what a trade paperback is. The OP used the word “trade” as a noun four times without explanation so I got confused.

There was a novel I read once, whose title and author escapes me, with a similar story. A guy thinks he’s going crazy because he hears voices telling him he’s the second coming. But then people start showing up claiming to be his apostles. And then he has to fight a demon who it turns out is the President of Egypt or something. Also there were mummies involved.

It was pretty bad.

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It wasn’t Allan Stang’s TO KILL THE KING, was it?

Nope. But that looks equally crappy. I might have to check it out.

So spoil it for me, please. There was a reference in the comments about the earlier version having JC II molested by his step-dad, but that being replaced in the new edition, so what are the big shocking twists that are supposed to outrage people?

I was going through the comments on a comics site & it was a debate between-

“God’s not gonna like this! Beware of Hell! Jesus rulez!”


“Cristenz are dum! Jesuz was invented from the Horus myth!”

God, some days the Net is just depressing!