American movies and TV in other countries

I’m an American, and I’m curious about the ‘exporting’ of our television and movies to other countries. I recently saw a Russian copy of an American film and was a bit shocked to see that while subtitles were used for other non-Russian languages, there were no subtitles for the English language parts, which indicates an assumption that the audience will be familiar enough with English to understand it. I’d like non-American dopers to give me an idea of what American movies and television are popular in your native country, and also what ones bomb completely, and your opinion as to why. I’d also like to know how much of your countries entertainment is coming from America compared to native, and other sources. I respectfully request your opinions.


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And here’s most rented movies of the week from the top three rental places.

I’m guessing it’s not all that different… big budget Hollywood blockbusters get views, just like everywhere. We see most of the successful TV shows… even reality TV… with the possible exception of Big Brother US.

I bought a Disney collection from Ebay that I think came from China. All the titles were in Chinese but you could get to English versions with a little experimentation.
The funny thing was watching Disney classics like Peter Pan in Chinese.

I like watching TV when I am in europe =) I about fell over laughing at the incongruity of the plop plop fizz fizz commercial in English in the middle of The Silver Streak being shown dubbed in French =)

It is a bit of a disconnect to watch a familiar show that is dubbed and the voices are different. CSI Miami sounds really different in German.

American show are very popular in Pakistan. I suppose the reason being they are in English.