American music

As a nation, us 'Merkans are pretty clever when it comes to having fun. How many distinct idioms of music have Americans invented in just a little over 200 years? I mean, besides the obvious Bluegrass?

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Both of them, Country and Western.

Also Blues, Gospel, Zydeco, early Rock N Roll, Boogie Woogie, Rap and Hip-Hop.

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Elevator music.

Ragtime, spirituals.

It is worth noting that just about every one was actually invented by African Americans.



I like American music best. Baby.

Acoustic punk.


Not all of them but it is true that most were. The roots to many of the most major forms of music (Jazz, Blues, Gospel, and Rock N Roll) have their deepest that come from a common and relatively small geographical area in the South. They were invented by American blacks or directly derived from it in the case of Rock N roll. Country music has a number of influences and it was influenced by American blacks but wasn’t invented by them. Its deep roots go back to Appalachian populations that redeveloped Old World (primarily Irish and Scottish) folk music into the new style.

Arm-pit farting.

I like all kinds of music.

Do you like American music?

Rock and / or Roll


In fact, American music was invented by Americans, black and white, influencing and learning from each other.

The idea that all American music comes from blacks or from whites ripping them off is racist bullshit. The fact that traditional African music styles are very far from modern American styles should be a pretty big hint. Yes, modern American music wouldn’t have happened without African influences, but it also wouldn’t have happened without European influences. My cite is that it didn’t happen in Africa, it happened in America.

Jugband. Texas Swing. Big Band. Boogie Woogie.