American Phone Ring Style

Hi there.
Quick question.

My wife is directing Rumors by Neil Simon and has the need for an ‘American Phone Ring’ (we’re in Australia where the ringing style is different).

I have a single ring sound, but I don’t know how long it goes for and how long there is between each ring.

eg. Ring (2 seconds), Pause (1 second), Ring (2 seconds), Pause (1 second).

Can some kindly folk from the US please tell me typically how long each ring is and how long each pause is.

I can then edit the single ring I have into something more genuine.


Try this. Click on Rining2.wav.

Q.E.D. thanks for the sound, but I need to know how to loop it as well.
So now I know how long the ring goes for, but how long is the pause between each ring?

Someone may come along with exact times, but, I just called myself, and…

Seems like Ring: slighlty less than 2 secs…

Pause: slightly longer than 1 sec

And, of course, for a Niel Simon play, you probably should only use a real bell sound.

Try googling “ring sounds”

NoClueBoy you obviously do have a clue and I thank you for your valued input. Your timing is more than close enough for me to work with.
I used to get an appropriate ring and now I know how long each component is I can loop it up for a realistic sound.
Much appreciated.

Just wondering… even though the question is more or less answered… When you call someone, do you hear identical rings on both sides ? (that is, the caller and the called. In terms of the timings of the rings, not the actual sound of the rings)

Which means, in other words, can I just call up some random number in the US (or anywhere) and figure out the exact ring timing ?

Well, I called my home phone from my cell phone for this little experiment. The synch was off, but the timing seemed to be the same. Hard to tell exactly, though, because of the synch problem. I don’t know about calling land line to land line. Any one with two lines at home should be answer to answer that for you.

But, when I called a UK # (not tonight, for business a while back), I got the odd Pink Floyd phone ring sound.

Minor hijack, but how is the ring sound in AU different from that in the US?

A complete ring cycle, from the start of one ring to the start of another is exactly 6 seconds. Operators in the U.S. (when they used to be used to complete long distance calles) were always instructed to let the phone ring 1 minute, or 10 rings.

In Australia the sound is Ring Ring, Pause, Ring Ring Pause whereas the American version is Ring, Pause, Ring, Pause.

The sound effects guy for the play was a tad lazy and tried to convince the director that a Ring Ring, Pause, Ring Ring Pause would be acceptable whereas my SO (the director) wanted Ring, Pause, Ring, Pause hence I became defacto sound effects generator.

There was no way that she was going to accept an Australian ring style for a Neil Simon play (and nor should she).

Play opens Tuesday, so I hope all goes well.

xash, yes. When I’ve called overseas, I hear the foreign ringing tone, not the local one. Australian telephone directories have (or at least used to have) lists of foreign ringtones because some sound like our busy tone, and vice versa.

The tone you hear when you are calling someone is generated indepentently of the signal that makes the phone ring. The tones the caller hears are a kind of sound loop generated by the switch that rings the target phone. The switch is just feeding you some sounds to let you know something’s happening, but you are not literally hearing the signal that rings the phone. So in theory the two could sound completely different. You can try this if you in a place where you can call on one phone and hear the ringing of the phone you’re calling, the two tones will not necessarily be in synch.

The sound the caller hears is probably set up to be similar to the ringing phone sound so it’s obvious to the caller that what they’re hearing is a ringing sound.

It’s two seconds on 4 seconds off.

Nope. Think about distinctive ringing service in the US. This allows you to get a second (or third or fourth…) number that rings on your main number with a different ring. The main number rings with a regular ring. The second number rings with two short rings. You don’t hear anything different on the other end.

:smack: Oops! Sorry guys, I got reversed on my post. The pause is longer. And I proof read and everything, Jebus! :smack:
I didn’t think the times were as long as what Dada said, but my internal clock may just be off.

But, again, pause is longer.

Again, sorry for the confusion caused by my dyslexic post.