American Psycho - spoiler

Well did he or didn’t he?

I was following the movie right up until the end and then all of a sudden WTF??

The apartment with all the bodies stashed inside became cleaned out and renovated for rent and it was stated that his first kill was alive and living in London.

Did he kill all the people he claimed to have killed (like 20) or not. What happened?

This thread contains some speculations on that:

I say he didn’t. I think he fantasised all the killings as a way to escape his boring 80’s Yuppie life where he could not make any decisions of his own, but rather had to be another sheep in the flock.

I think the fantasised killing made him feel like an individual.

I think it’s pretty obvious that it was all a fantasy when he was running through the streets and in and out of buildings shooting everyone and everything in sight, and nobody called the police.