American Scientist

Without looking it up, how many American scientists can you name? Please reply before reading the thread.

George Washington Carver

Do they have to be living?

If we can count both living and dead:

Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein (I think he became a citizen; he lived here in his later years, at least)
Carl Sagan
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Craig Venter (sp?)
[Hosts of “This Week in Virology” podcast]
Vincent Racaniello
Allen Dove
Dickson Despommier
Robert Oppenheimer
Brian Greene (pretty sure he’s American, but I’m not cheating by checking just yet)
Leonard Susskind
John Wheeler
Kip Thorne
Claude Shannon
Jared Diamond
Richard Feynman
Stephen Kleene
Donald Knuth
Phil Plait (of course!)
Margaret Mead
Linus Pauling
Buckminster Fuller
Percy Julian
James Watson
I’m starting to run out of names I’m pretty sure are American, so I’ll stop there.

Einstein (I consider him American)
deGrasse Tyson
ETA: Carl Sagan

ETA: Oppenheimer
Phil Plait.
I’m sure I can come up with more people given a bit more time.

Well, let’s see…there’s me, for one…

Far too many to list or even bother counting - I know a small army of obscure biologists.

Me, for two, although I’ve gone over the wall.

Same here. And I’ve met or attended lectures by plenty of not-so-obscure scientists: Jared Diamond, Paul Ehrlich, Stephen Jay Gould, E.O. Wilson, Carl Sagan.

Millikan (electron charge), Micheslon / Morley (eponymous experiment on speed of light)

And where would all of us be without Edward Teller (Teller-Ulam design) :slight_smile:

I didn’t even know obscure biology was a field that could support a small army of scientists.

I could probably list a whole bunch of economists and political scientists, most of which you would never have heard of. Also, I’m too lazy to make sure who is American and who is English, Australian, Canadian, etc.

As an American scientist, nearly everyone I know is an American scientist.

I’m not American, but… I don’t memorise anything that I can’t look up in a book, or won’t be in an exam.

I suspect those of us who actually work in labs may have to recuse ourselves (or restrict ourselves to scientists outside of our fields). I know I could, quite literally, fill a phone book with the people in my institution alone.

Likewise, except that for me it would mostly be psychologists.

Is there a point to the question?

Yeah, same here – I’m guessing the OP is interested in how many widely known scientists people can name (e.g. Richard Feynman, James Watson, etc.) or how many scientists the average layperson can name, famous or not.

If you’re talking “live” ones, all I’ve got are

Ed Witten and David Harry Grinspoon, unless you want to count the Mythbusters. Smells like…science!

I assume personal aquaintences don’t count, else I know several chemists in the local area too :smiley:

Do they have to be alive?
Does medicine count as science?

Dead ones:

Einstein, Oppenheimer (he is dead, right?), Feynman, Fleming, Sagan

Live ones:

I’m not exactly sure where most of the scientists I know about live, except that Hawking is definately British. But I’ve heard of some, honest.