American Studies?

My buddy is a Japanese studies major at DePaul, and I was just wondering if foreign universities offer American Studies as a major?

By what this site for the Australia and New Zealand American Studies Association says, there are university level courses in this region, but they do emphasise that attrition is increasingly becoming a factor.

You can be an American Studies major at most American universities also.

There are numerous academic journals devoted to the topic.

I am a British ex-student with a Batchelor of Arts degree in American Studies. I achieved this at one of about a dozen British Universities that offered this course in the early nineties… now there are many more.

Fat lot of good it did me though!:wink:

The University of Oslo has a department for British and American studies. (and )

Like BobT said, here’s the Rutgers Dept. of American Studies. “American Studies is the study of American Culture.”

What culture? America has no culture, which is the great thing about this country. Culture is just excess baggage which causes a society to be less efficient.

You mean SUV-driving soccer moms yapping on cell phones and oblivious to everyone else on the road while drinking Starbucks coffee on their way to pick up their ankle biters (My child is an honor student at xxx school.) after shopping at the local mall for things they don’t need but must have to impress themselves and their friends isn’t culture?