Americans are workaholics

Americans: Starving for vacations?
One in six employees too busy to take time off, survey says

Americans are already the most vacation-starved
people in the industrialized world, with an average of 13
vacation days a year, compared to 25 or more in Japan,
Canada, Britain, Germany and Italy.
Thirty-two percent of those surveyed say they work
and eat lunch at the same time. Another 32 percent say they
never leave the building once they arrive at work.

Well, speaking as one of only two workers in an office that should normally be staffed by minimum of eight, has thirty-five cumulative days of vacation available because I could not take the time off in the last two years, is sitting at my desk with a a bowl of Cambell’s Chunky Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables soup (now cold) and some crackers, answering phones, waiting for the moving van to transport the gift shop contents to another office and trying desperately to find the files my boss has somewhere in his in-severe-need-of-a-good-organizing office and needs faxed to him for the Board of Directors meeting this weekend, I would say that’s a pretty good assessment.

Now where’s my Rolaids?

Please note, this is not a normal workday for me. Things are usually much more relaxed.
But not today.

Cecil answered my question this week!..almost. My post here in MPSIMS wasn’t a question, just an observation. Some guy from San Jose wrote Cecil a question on the same topic, though.

Americans get less vacation than citizens of other developed countries?