Americans Dying Abroad: US Government Statistics

See the figures here. Broken down by type of death and, um, most popular (?) countries for Americans to die in. Thailand ranks No 3, behind Mexico and Iraq.

I’d have expected Canada to rank higher, just from the number and frequency of cross-border traffic, honestly.

And the Deadly Beaver Ninjas.

I think they’re only counting real countries. :wink:

They must not be including military deaths.

Hmmm… “drug-related” deaths? Reminds me of the old SNL skits when the cops would shoot a guy down, shake their heads sadly and say, “another drug-related death”.

Iraq’s No 2 on the list, and I don’t think it’s package tourists to Baghdad. But under the causes of death, they don’t list military action. Odd.

And hey, only 105 deaths for Iraq, so I guess it’s not military. So who are these 105? Off-duty soldiers?

Blackwater contractors?

Aid workers, too. ISTR a few of those have been killed rather famously in the past several years. :frowning:

Ah yes. And a journalist or two, I imagine.

I bet madmonk28 could answer this, but I suspect that a lot of them are civilian contractors.

What the heck is a “maritime incident” if it’s not drowning?



Anything from the dramatic to the mundane…Stranded and starved? Hypothermia (either in or out of water)? Neck broken by a swinging boom?

Also it makes a nice catch-all for anyone who goes missing while sailing through the national waters, without any other evidence as to what exactly happened.

Yeah, they are aid workers, contractors, and some USG employees. In addition to Blackwater, you have contractors driving trucks, working on infrastructure projects and the odd rocket into the Green Zone.

Friendly advice for Americans going on holidays, take swimming lessons for goodness’ sake!

And stay out of Pattaya high-rises.

Looking at the report of Non-Natural Dealth Cases Abroad July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2008, of 20 deaths of Americans listed in Japan, 13 are suicides!:eek:

When in Rome…

And look at Germany, number 5 on that list. I’d post more, but I’ve got to hunt up a monster roll of bubble wrap for the family.