Americans who lived through the most presidential administrations

My great-grandmother (1900-2006) lived under 19 U.S. presidents: McKinley through Bush the younger.

My great-grandfather (1888-1984) also lived through 19 presidential administrations, though only 18 different presidents, since he was born during Cleveland’s first term.

Someone who was born early in 1837 and lived to be just over 96 would have seen 26 presidential administrations – Andrew Jackson through FDR. (Depending on where they lived, they might have considered Jefferson Davis to be their president as well.) I assume that a few such people can probably be confirmed to have existed.

Are there Americans who can be verified to have lived under even more presidents? Do we have reliable records, for example, of anyone who was born during the John Quincy Adams administration and lived long enough to see FDR?