Americans who travel may get tax credit

Didn’t see this on SDMB, so thought I’d pass it along, FWIW:

Damn, I hope that goes through, because I’m planning several trips right now.

I’d hate to turn this into a debate, but what’s wrong with direct government aid towards the struggling airlines? Is that too, I don’t know, socialist for Bush et al?

Don’t make the people do something they’d rather not do - however irrational the reasons may or may not be. Help the companies that suffer as a result.

It appears the feds have approved a multi-billion dollar bailout for the airlines:

Well, I’d be all over that, since I am taking two personal trips by plane in October, and I will have lured my mama to my house twice (requiring plane travel) since the attacks. We’d both benefit. But I’d feel sorta guilty taking it. Not that I’m not broke… but I’d have taken the trips anyway (well, it helped that the airlines lured me with low fares on one trip). So it wouldn’t have been an incentive for me, or for my mom. If it helps scared people get over their fears, then I guess it’d be a good thing. But this doesn’t strike me as a great time for the U.S. treasury to be slashing its intake.

I didn’t read the articles (I’m on my parents 56K connection–ouch!) but I hope they discussed the fact that it’s not the airlines who are hurting. All sorts of travel-related businesses are suffering.