America's "Coolest Small Town" Fire Department not so cool with gay workers

Award here - Cool town honor fuels increased interest

But some things are not so cool after all - Lawsuits, money issues have strained relationship between Berlin and its fire company

The contrast is interesting. Berlin. MD has always been an aspirational town since it was the location site for “Pretty Woman”. It’s on the way to Ocean City Maryland and has been a favored site for new couples moving to the area. It has a neat Micro-Brew ale house, art galleriesand all the other cool kid stuff that endears it to twenty and thirty somethings. It’s also in the one of the more rural and conservative counties in Maryland and the good 'ol boys who make up the majority of the Berlin Fire Department do not tolerate homos in their presence.

There’s a distinct danger that gay firemen might molest one as they save your life.

I’m reminded of the weird American panic of gay service people a few years back, despite most countries militarys have briefly considered the moral implications and decided nah, they wanted as many people ready to kill strangers as possible and damn the consequences.
On the other hand it doesn’t say the chap is gay, merely that his attackers are crude scum.