America's founding fathers were hooligans.

From this article on Yahoo (if it’s to be believed):


The Monticello website is repeating that factoid:

And George Washington was a flashy dresser, a great & enthusiastic dancer, loved to ride his horse in a race (especially a steeplechase), & liked to ride to local housefires (he found them “thrilling”).


“You know, those were different times.”
–Lou Reed

Well come on, what would you have expected? I mean it’s not as if Yurp’s Best were the ones settling the colonies. An argument could be made that The USA is what it is today because of bad manners.

Washington also liked to play cards, flirt with the ladies, go to the theater and drink madeira. But he was no hooligan.

Now, Paul Revere, Sam Adams and the other Sons of Liberty, c. 1773-75 - THEY were hooligans! Not the kind of guys you’d want to meet in a dark Boston alley if you were wearing a red wool uniform, buttons with “G III R” on them and a bearskin hat…

Ever see the coronation throne in Westminster? It has been so badly carved up that it appears to have been retrieved from the stuff that was thrown out of Delta House at Faber College. That really was the sort of thing that a lot of people did back in the days.