America's TV Sweetheart Is 90 Today (1/17/12)

Betty White, celebrates her 90th birthday today.

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I know a lot of people think she is getting overexposed but I still can’t get enough of the lady

I don’t think I could get tired of her. She’s everything I like about women from my particular geographic area and she’s hilarious. I think she and Dick Van Dyke would have been the perfect parents, and Carl Reiner could have been the crazy uncle who lived in the basement. I hope they all live forever.

She seems to be getting raunchier as she gets older. At this point, it just seems a question of whether she’ll live long enough to do porn.

the stuff she is best known for where shows i didn’t watch though clips i’ve seen with her were very good.

when she was on Boston Legal, The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live she was a hoot.

she can do the same type of character and it doesn’t get old because she does it so well with good lines.

Happy Birthday Betty!
(I saw most of that special… it was really really funny) I hope she lives to be a hundred.