Ammo shortages, message from Federal CEO. Dec. 2020

Stumbled over this back in December and saved it to my favorites and just stumbled over it again so I thought I’d share.

so, any hint about what he says or why I would be interested in watching it?

If the supplied info doesn’t pique your interest…it’s not for you.

= )


They are making it as fast as they can, the demand is too great.

I didn’t watch the whole thing, but he seems to be arguing against conspiracy theorist types who seem to think they’re secretly reducing production of ammo. But, in fact, the problem is that people are buying up more of it.

So it sounds like the toilet paper situation.

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Discourse does provide a preview, if you are not interested don’t watch. People that shoot have noticed a shortage. The linked video provides an explanation from the president of a major ammo manufacturer. Accept his explanation or don’t. The content is right there.

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